{ Ann Jaeger ]

Alex Bierk: Forerunners

You can go home again, but it won’t be the same. The physical place may change with time, but the idea of home is etched into us like a tattoo. We can harbour an implacable longing and revulsion for home as we learn to coexist with our ghosts, including the ghost of our former self. […]

Downtown Revitalization: A Failure of Imagination

It has rained on and off all afternoon, but even tornado warnings can’t dampen the spirits of hundreds of people enjoying live music on the open-air stage at the intersection of Hunter and Aylmer Streets. Cafés and bars are bursting at the seams. Street vendors fill the entire car-free block. Beau Dixon, backed by his […]

How to Start a Poetry Scene in Your Backyard

It’s a sultry Friday night in July. Jess Rowland squeezes her accordion beside a shelf of her poetry books in the carport entrance to an unassuming back yard on London Street, welcoming us in. A card table is set up with a small jade plant and more handmade, limited editions of poetry to commemorate this […]

Copping, Moore, Eardley

Peterborough is the only place I know where folks drive around town with canoes permanently strapped to the roof of their cars. Our identification with canoes and waterways runs deep. We who live here know well the stippled light of trees and water, the still magic of gliding across a lake lush with silver moonlight. […]

Murals: the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

No one can dispute that art is subjective. This makes it singularly challenging to select work for a public art project that is on par with high-quality art, withstands the test of time, and speaks to, and on behalf of, the community. So I’d humbly like to offer this cautionary tale. This spring, we have […]

Review: Meryl McMaster – Wanderings

There are many points of entry into Wanderings, Meryl McMaster’s exhibition at Artspace: Indigenous, feminist, fine art photography, media arts, performative, sculptural, interdisciplinary, Surrealist, multi-cultural, self-portrait, land-based, anthropomorphic, craft / material arts, post-literate. The young Ottawa-based artist is one to watch, with numerous solo exhibitions already under her belt including the Smithsonian’s Museum of the […]

Hidden Treasures

I like to compare the artists of Peterborough to a special breed of hothouse flowers: with some TLC and the right environment, the results are original, even exotic. A small city like ours gives the creative community room to grow, instead of withering in a never-ending competition for limited resources. What makes us mighty is […]

Evans Contemporary: New York. Berlin. Peterborough.

Walking along Hunter Street you easily might miss the small black-and-white sign in the doorway next to Catalina’s, in the building that houses the studios of many of Peterborough’s finest artists. It marks the home of Evans Contemporary. The staircase up to the third floor of this unrenovated heritage building has an air of tawny, […]

I, Volunteer

In rural Canadian towns like Peterborough, the arts perennially teeter on a financial tightrope. Cultural organizations turn themselves into pretzels year after year ad nauseum to secure grants, with or without success. Failure to secure stable funding can result in an immediate loss of opportunities and facilities for artists, downsizing and/or burnout of staff and […]