Hopes, Opportunities Emerge for East City Community

Citizens envision various post-pandemic activities

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, a local citizen has asked what people would like to see in their neighbourhood once the opportunity to connect in person with others is possible again.

Some residents of East City have shared a wish list that includes a variety of activities. One person suggested reviving a street party on Euclid Avenue. Another remarked how much he or she appreciated the community garden and monthly community dinner at St. Luke’s Anglican Church.

One citizen looked back fondly on an Easter parade from years back, hopeful it could happen again. A new resident posed the possibility of guided historical walks and local business tours.

This all happened after an engaged citizen and local business owner, Ashley Bonner, reached out to the Peterborough community through social media and through the creation of a Google document back in March. It has evolved.

“There have been some things that are starting to happen,” Ashley says.

“I have been working on posting some questions like ‘what ways would you like to connect with the East City community?’”

“There have been some posts about doing a book exchange after physical distancing restrictions are lifted. There are also posts being shared about local businesses in East City that are still open.”

Ashley earlier told Electric City Magazine she was feeling heartened by the way Peterborough residents were responding to the pandemic by reaching out to help others.

She, too, was moved to contribute to the community in ways she could. As a social media guru, Ashley continues to play a part in keeping the community connected to resources by updating and maintaining that Google document she created.

It’s open to anyone wishing to make additions and has evolved to encompass a plethora of city-wide resources beyond the health and activity links she has already compiled.

In addition to the community-building work happening at a broader level, there are many connections being forged within smaller communities, like East City, as well.

“I will work on establishing where the mirco-communites are and work on connecting them,” Ashley says.


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