‘Grow Food Peterborough’ to Serve as New Hub for Local Food

Facebook group offers discussion, resources

Pat Learmonth hopes “Grow Food Peterborough” will grow more than vegetables.

The director of Farms at Work is hopeful the new Facebook group will grow into a hub for all-things local food. “Grow Food Peterborough” is a new space for discussion about food in the online community.

“The Local Food Peterborough initiative has just launched a new community resource for the growing number of people in the area who are planning to grow food this season,” Pat says.

Community members throughout the region can join and share questions, ideas and information with each other and find inspiration.

“The group dynamic is expected to benefit those who have grown for years as well as those new to growing. Some experienced members, including local farmers, have stepped up to volunteer as mentors who will provide the benefit of their knowledge when needed.”

During this point in time amidst a pandemic, people, now more than ever, are looking for information related to local food, especially where they can access food and how to grow food.

Those themes are reflected on new Local Food Peterborough website, and are frequent topics on the Peterborough Local Food Facebook page.

Pat says the new group will complement the work of the local organization, Nourish, which is known for its resources and food skills workshops that teach participants to cook, grow and preserve their own food. Nourish also co-ordinates community gardens throughout the area. Links to Nourish resources are on the Local Food Peterborough website and will be posted in the Facebook group for easy access.

To join the Grow Food Peterborough Facebook group, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/growfoodpeterborough and click “join.”

There are three brief questions to answer and then applicants will receive notification of the approval of their membership. Members can directly post pictures of their growing projects, questions and comments.

The Grow Food Peterborough group has been created by community volunteers and members of the Future of Food and Farming Working Group of Sustainable Peterborough.

Donations to maintaining the Local Food Peterborough suite of initiatives — website, Facebook page and group — are welcome. Send support via this link, which can be found in the online description of the Facebook group or email localfoodptbo@gmail.com.

“Funds are needed at this difficult time for ongoing website maintenance and development, as well as to provide compensation for volunteers working to support the community food system,” Pat notes.


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