‘What Can the Rest of Us Do to Be Generous Now’?

Local citizen moved to organize food drive during pandemic

The world is relying on frontline workers, healthcare providers, scientists and many others who have vital roles in the battle against COVID-19.

When Peterborough resident Megan Murphy came to that realization, she wondered what she could give back to the community in return. Megan was moved to organize a porch food drive for Kawartha Food Share.

She speaks with Electric City Magazine about her motivation to step up as the community and the world deals with this pandemic.

“The idea for the porch food drive came about for a couple of different reasons,” Megan says.

Firstly, she says she was feeling disappointed by the reported hoarding that was going on, globally. “I recognize that instinct is born of fear, but it was disappointing nonetheless. I also don’t feel like it’s a fair representation of who we are as a community,” she explains.

“On the other hand, I recognized that we’re asking medical professionals to be generous of their time and talents, to care for strangers in dangerous times. We’re asking scientists to be generous and work to isolate the virus and create a vaccine, to keep strangers safe.

“We’re asking public health officials, and policy makers, to be generous and ensure that we, as strangers to them, are taken care of. So, what can the rest of us do to be generous now as well?”

The porch food drive was something “we can all be a part of, especially when we’re feeling more isolated,” Megan says.

“It’s a way to build community, and offer support and generosity at the same time. A small gesture, that adds up to a bigger movement.”

The porch food drive, which involved more than 70 volunteers and encompassed collecting items citizens throughout Peterborough left on their porches for pick-up, was a big success.

You can read more about how the community came together for this initiative in an upcoming story in Electric City Magazine.


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