Local Stakeholders Introduce Online Photo Narrative Project

‘We are hoping to capture those moments of our shifted lives’

An image from Derek Newman-Stille’s Narrative at the Peterborough in Portrait: Together Apart website.

Local artists and organizations are teaming up to offer a portrait series that captures life during the current climate of isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Peterborough in Portrait: Together Apart” is an online photo narrative project, which is being curated by artist and author Derek Newman-Stille, along with Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre (KSAC) executive director Lisa Clarke and artist Cameron G N Ewing.

From Derek Newman-Stille’s Narrative.

The curators invite Peterborough residents to participate by taking photographs of themselves or things around them to show what their lives are like as a result of the isolation and social distancing measures in place to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“We are hoping to capture those moments of our shifted lives and the ways that we continue to live during this period of physical isolation,” Derek says.

This project revives the 2016 Peterborough in Portrait theme, which featured painted portraits of Peterborough by the artists of Peterborough.

New partners introduce “Peterborough in Portrait: Together Apart.” The photo narrative project can be found here.

Citizens interested in participating are encouraged to think about their photos as means of telling stories and to arrive at collections of photos that capture the story they want to tell.

From Lisa Clarke’s Narrative.

“Sometimes a story can be easily captured in one photo and sometimes it takes many,” Derek says. “You can also provide stories for your photos if you want, or you can just share the photos alone, especially if you feel like they tell the story through images.”

The message behind Together Apart is a vital one, Lisa says.

“Staying connected while we are apart is important for our well-being,” the executive director says.

“At (KSAC), we are hearing stories of anxiety and financial worries and we wanted to support a project that helps us feel together, with our community, right now. This is a hard time and telling our story can be part of capturing this experience and our healing.”

Peterborough in Portrait: Together Apart is an inclusive, welcoming space for community and supported by agencies including KSAC, Community Counselling and Resource Centre, Community Living Trent Highlands, the Elizabeth Fry Society and Aging Activisms.

To participate, send an e-mail to the curators at PTBOtogetherapart@gmail.com.

The lead image is from Derek Newman-Stille’s Narrative which can be found here.


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