What’s Cooking?

Teacher, citizen starts Facebook group with meal prep tips during home isolation

A meal prepared by Jeff Bergeron. Photo by Jeff Bergeron.

What’s one to do with the can of kidney beans lurking in the back of the pantry?

Maybe you’re wondering how to braise beef?

What’s an easy meal to make with items on hand at home instead of going to the grocery store?

Jeff Bergeron, a Peterborough citizen, who teaches English and history at a local secondary school, had an idea to answer questions like those above and others by starting a Facebook group to share cooking tips.

Jeff Bergeron has started a group on Facebook that offers cooking tips during home isolation efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s a time when many residents are at home practising isolation as part of infection prevention and control measures in the wake of the incidence of coronavirus disease, COVID-19. Many Peterborough businesses, including restaurants, are closed.

The Facebook group Jeff created is called “How Do I Cook It?”

“I created the group because there are a lot of people who suddenly can’t get convenience foods or foods that they are used to,” Jeff tells Electric City Magazine.

“It was designed to help people who might not really know how to cook something to get advice or ideas.

“I am just a regular person who regularly cooks meals. I have a great many friends who cook though both for themselves and in restaurants, many have joined the group to help out.”

For example, Jeff says he posted a simple breakfast recipe last week and invited others to do the same. Some of the ideas are really innovative, Jeff notes.

“I love the fact that people are coming together to help others with every possible type of food.

“I hope we can help people to learn to make do with the things they have around the house so it makes their lives over the next few weeks a bit easier.”


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