Builders for Climate Action Makes Inaugural Presentation, Releases White Paper Dec. 4

‘It’s an interesting and uniquely positive climate change story’: Chris Magwood

Builders striving to nail down positive climate action in the building industry will meet with the public in Peterborough for the first time Dec. 4.

Builders for Climate Action (BfCA), a group that has started locally and will be attempting to make a big impact provincially and nationally related to climate change in its sector, invites citizens to learn more about the issue.

The presentation, Low-Rise Buildings as a Climate Change Solution, takes place from 7 to 9 p.m. at the McDonnel Street Activity Centre, 577 McDonnel St.

“It’s an interesting and uniquely positive climate change story,” Chris Magwood, Endeavour Centre director, tells Electric City Magazine.

“Join us to learn about the relationship between energy-efficient building performance and upfront material emissions and how to create buildings with the best possible climate outcome.”

Attendees will discover how abundant, regionally-sourced, healthy materials can be used to make efficient buildings that are also long-term carbon sinks with a major effect on reversing climate change.

“As we drive toward adoption of Net Zero Energy and Passive House buildings, we can end up making highly-efficient buildings that are actually bad for the climate by causing a burst of up-front emissions from manufacturing their materials.”

Participants will ultimately find out how buildings can shift from being a major climate change contributor to a drawdown solution.

BfCA is also utilizing the public gathering space to launch its first white paper.

To register and/or for more information, follow this link.

Photo courtesy of the Endeavour Centre Facebook page.


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