Group Promotes Living Life Plastic-free

Plastic-Free Peterborough shares tips, ideas for “refusing,” not reusing plastic

From refillable water bottles to reusable grocery bags, a Peterborough group is striving to keep plastic out of both the city and its landfills.

Introducing Plastic-Free Peterborough, a group of citizens conscious about the environmental impact of using plastic. The group is a local network of people committed to sharing ideas for reducing waste.

Through its Facebook group, Plastic-Free Peterborough, it provides tips for reducing plastic waste from strategies to products to recommendations about local retailers who offer plastic-free options. It encourages its members to do the same.

Meanwhile, in the offline world, residents can find Plastic-Free Peterborough members at the Peterborough Regional Farmers’ Market on a monthly basis.

While at the event, in addition to raising awareness and sharing ideas about living plastic-free — the group promotes refusing not reusing plastic — the members hand out free reusable grocery bags.

Plastic recycling is often deported from Canada and is often dumped, burned or buried, notes Random Acts of Green, a Peterborough-based social enterprise. Further, all plastic is eventually destined for the landfill, because it degrades during the process of recycling and is then made into non-recyclable products.

Plastic-Free Peterborough offers these alternatives to plastic:

  • Instead of plastic shopping bags, use tote bags.
  • Ditch produce bags and replace them with cloth bags.
  • Use glass or metal containers instead of take-out containers.
  • Choose a reusable coffee cup over a mass-produced one.
  • Ditch plastic water bottles and replace with a reusable bottle.
  • Skip straws for drinks altogether or choose one made of metal or glass.
  • Reach for metal cutlery over plastic utensils.

Check out Plastic-Free Peterborough.

Photo by Yvonne Hollandy.


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