Bees Create Buzz at Peterborough Church

Greenwood United Church has sweet arrangement with Bee City Canada

A Peterborough United church is demonstrating it has faith… in bees.

Greenwood United Church is the first faith-based community to join Bee City Canada. Bee City Canada’s mission is to inspire cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses and other organizations to step up and protect pollinators.

“Greenwood has committed to taking actions which align with Bee City’s vision of creating healthy habitats, educating the community and celebrating pollinators,” Bee City Canada says in a 2018 post on its website.

“For this, we are excited to welcome them as the first Bee City Faith Community in Canada.”

“The vision was to create a place where children can explore, neighbours are welcome to walk their dogs and pollinators can thrive.”

Shelly Candel, director at Bee City Canada, says, “we want to partner with cities, schools and businesses across Canada to protect pollinators.

The Greenwood congregation began focusing on pollinator conservation in 2016 when it created a new garden on the large church property at 737 Donwood Dr. Gardeners prepped the space and planted seeds they purchased from Peterborough Pollinators and seedlings started by area high school students.

They equipped the garden with a rain barrel and compost containers, “highlighting the community’s desire to adopt more eco-friendly ways,” Bee City Canada says.

“The vision was to create a place where children can explore, neighbours are welcome to walk their dogs and pollinators can thrive.”

Members of the church community also began tending to a small number of hives on the church grounds. The hives serve as a focal point for educational activities for the congregation and neighbourhood.

“We are grateful to Greenwood United Church for their positive actions to help our precious pollinators and spread the word about their importance. We also hope that their work will inspire their home city to join the Bee City movement and become an example that many other faith communities will choose to follow.”

The Peterborough Pollinators have been advocating for some time for Peterborough to achieve Bee City Canada status.

To learn more about joining the Bee City family, click here.

Stay tuned to Electric City Magazine for an article highlighting Greenwood’s inspiration for the project and congregation members’ contribution to the gardens and education.


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