100in1Day Peterborough: A Chance to Playfully Imagine a New Urban Environment

An idea generation workshop for 100In1Day Peterborough.

Walking through your neighbourhood, or through any neighbourhood in Peterborough, have you ever thought about how our urban environment could be improved? How the city could be made more inviting, more inclusive, more sustainable, or more joyful?

If you have, your chance to share your vision is coming up: on June 2, Peterborough will be participating for the first time in 100in1Day, an international event dedicated to reimagining public space in creative ways and prototyping initiatives to improve our cities.

On 100in1Day, citizens are invited to experiment with “urban interventions” that improve their neighbourhoods. It might be a temporary piece of art, or a pop-up park, or a flash mob or demonstration. The point is to get creative about how we design our cities and how we use public space.

“The perfect 100in1Day intervention is something that’s light and playful,” says Ben Wolfe, who is involved with the event in Peterborough. “It should make you feel positive rather than like you’ve taken on work, and it teases something that has a really serious purpose for the city.

“It’s a day of probing. It’s a day to try something and see how it goes, and maybe it will turn into something larger later on.”

You can find out what interventions people are already planning on the 100in1Day Peterborough website, and if you’ve got your own idea for an intervention, you can add it to the list for other people to find.

Peterborough GreenUP is planning to chalk polka dots around their office for 100in1Day

Peterborough GreenUP is planning to chalk polka dots around their office for 100in1Day.

Wolfe says 100in1Day excites him because it puts neighbourhood planning and community development back in the hands of citizens.

“Something really meaningful is happening,” he says. “People are rediscovering their agency and their citizenship and realizing that if we want our neighbourhood to be better we don’t need to convince slow moving systems of authority” to do it for us.

“There are so many things that we can just do without needing to ask for permission, and we can do them with the resources that we have at our disposal.”

On 100in1Day, Wolfe is encouraging everyone to get out into the community and “give a random act of kindness to your city.” To find out more, visit the 100in1Day website.


Cover photo by Ben Wolfe. 

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Will Pearson

Will Pearson


Will Pearson is a freelance journalist based in Peterborough, Ontario. He has written for a variety of local and national publications, and he is the host of the Peterborough Currents podcast.