Bandwagon: Megan Nash – “Bad Poetry”

Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, continues its seventh season with a performance of “Bad Poetry” by Megan Nash.

Saskatchewan roots singer-songwriter Megan Nash has a knack for sincerity and rawness of emotion. Often unaccompanied on her critically acclaimed 2015 album Song Harvest Volume One, except by her own seething electric guitar work, Nash’s songs feel true in a way that hurts just a little bit. Her latest album, the appropriately named Seeker, sees Nash in an exploratory and open mode, undergoing an ongoing search for spiritual meaning and truth.

Coming from that new album, “Bad Poetry” is an uncomfortably real song about the open wounds left by old relationships, and the dumb things we do to hopefully feel better. In this performance, Bandwagon keeps it simple, with just the power of Nash’s expressive vocals, sharp lyrics, and guitar work.

Check it out:

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Images courtesy Megan Nash and Mexican Cheesus Productions.

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Gabe Pollock

Gabe Pollock

Gabe Pollock is Editor-in-Chief of Electric City Magazine. He is a Peterborough-born freelance writer and editor who has covered Peterborough music and culture since 2012, first on Electric City Live and now in its magaziney successor.