The Four Themes

This month marks the beginning of Electric City Magazine’s work with the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution and Peterborough Dialogues. In case you missed our announcement last month (read our editorial, “A Turning Point”), Electric City Magazine has been purchased by the Resonance Centre. They are committed to keeping the magazine going and letting us continue the work we’ve been doing so far—but with an added emphasis in four key theme areas.

We’ve identified these themes—Deepening Democracy, Gender Equity, Environmental Stewardship, and Inclusion and Accessibility—as areas that we’re particularly passionate about, and that we believe are particularly important to this city and the world in the coming years.

Along with Peterborough Dialogues, we’ll be hosting summits and meetings on these themes, where we’ll invite community members to come in and talk about what’s important to them and what they’d like to see in the magazine; and we’ll also be covering these themes in these pages. These will include features and short articles, profiles and analyses, investigations and opinion pieces, looking at issues from the micro to the macro.

But, instead of just talking about what we’re going to be doing, we decided the best thing would just be to get started. Below are four short articles on each of the themes, showcasing the type of coverage you can expect from the magazine in the months to come. This month, we’ll also be announcing the first round of events around these themes. Keep an eye out, and keep in touch about what you’d like to see in the magazine going forward.


Theme #1: Deepening Democracy

Changing Local Government… One Regulation at a Time


Theme #2: Gender Equity

Some Peterborough Festivals Falling Behind in Gender Parity


Theme #3: Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship in a Cold Climate


Theme #4: Inclusion and Accessibility

Cooking Up a Solution for Peterborough’s ‘Criminality Crisis’


Photo by Yvonne Hollandy.

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