Album Review: Wayne Kennedy – God’s Rejects

Though none of its five songs exceeds the two minute mark or contains more than four chords, I hear God’s Rejects as a tiny concept album, exploring the role of music, especially non-commercial music, in creating connection between people who are despised.

Wayne Kennedy - God's RejectsMost of the sound is Wayne himself, his singsong, no-you-listen-to-me vocal accompanied by an unforgiving acoustic guitar strum (is he playing two guitars at the same time, or is he just playing one very loudly?) with occasional gang vocals and a lockstep bass guitar, but the album starts with the electric hum of a guitar cable being ham-fistedly plugged in and ends with a smattering of friendly applause before fading out to the sound of a schoolyard taunt—a taunt that fades because it turns out that being an “Ugly Face” in a world of hackneyed niceness, and doing it loudly in front of other rejects, is immensely satisfying.

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Wayne Kennedy’s God’s Rejects is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


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David Tough

David Tough


David Tough is a musician, scholar, and journalist from Peterborough, Ontario. He is Senior Editor of Electric City Magazine.