Album Review: TW Hutchinson – Sandford

TW Hutchinson’s concept album about Sir Sandford Fleming, the 19th-century Scottish-born railway engineer who invented Standard Time and is the namesake of our local college, gets extra points for being an original idea worked out very methodically.

T.W. Hutchison - SandfordThe City of Kawartha Lakes singer-songwriter clearly did extensive research before picking up the guitar, but he also takes important liberties with the material, personalizing it beyond the evidence, so the words sound like rock lyrics and not a historic plaque set to music. Starting off in country-rock vein, the album veers from there into heavy riffing and snatches of prog, particularly on “Timelord,” where Fleming’s disorientation at missing a train because the clocks weren’t in sync—the eureka moment that inspired Standard Time—is expressed in a jarring odd-metered riff.

A truly original piece of musical art, to be appreciated as an idea even if you don’t like it as music.

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T.W. Hutchinson’s Sandford is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


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David Tough

David Tough


David Tough is a musician, scholar, and journalist from Peterborough, Ontario. He is Senior Editor of Electric City Magazine.