New and Local: “I Am Gone” by RENDERS

Local musician Kelly McMichael is back with a new single, a new project, and a whole new sound. “I Am Gone” is the latest from RENDERS, a chill, 80s influenced jam about love lost and the strength within.

renders i am goneKelly McMichael has had a pretty impressively diverse musical career, with early folk songs, dance-pop with Rouge, backup work in Gentleman Reg’s band, and Kelly & The Gloss, which plays with Liz Phairy 90s girl angst rock and 80s new wave. With RENDERS, she’s delving further into the 1980s playground, and pretty much totally ditching her acoustic past. Working with producer Mark Andrade (Paradise Animals), RENDERS is self-labelled “stoner pop” – all lush layered synths, drum machines, and a moody atmosphere.

Kelly’s been working on RENDERS off and on for a couple years now, and they gained some attention with the release of “Josh (The Josh Donaldson Song),” about the Toronto Blue Jays player, brought out in the middle of the team’s playoffs run (solid bandwagoning, Kelly).

Now, her official debut single is “I Am Gone,” a dark and moody song about the moment you realize the person you love doesn’t love you back. It’s a low, melancholy number – but, with a forward drive in the beat and Kelly’s signature strong Steve Nicks-ish vocals, it’s ultimately a song about empowerment and resilience, not wallowing in sadness. “I made a choice, gonna stick,” she says to her ex. “I don’t fall for your tricks anymore.”

Listen below:

“I Am Gone,” and the rest of RENDERS’ music, is available on Bandcamp.

Follow RENDERS on Facebook for info about upcoming live dates in the new year.


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