Bandwagon: Bright Light Social Hour perform “Ghost Dance”

Bandwagon is back! Season Five premieres today exclusively on Electric City Live. The local video series features intimate performances from excellent bands. Today, Bandwagon comes live from the Red Dog for a soundcheck session, with Bright Light Social Hour playing “Ghost Dance.”

Bright Light Social HourIn 2010, following a bunch of years playing around their home town of Austin, Texas, Bright Light Social Hour released their self-titled first album, and then that weird thing happened: people liked it. Their sound was trippy and fun, influenced by 70s psychedelic jam music, but with a hard shot of amped-up party rock. The band picked up a bunch of awards at SXSW 2011, and then spent the next three years touring the continent pretty much non-stop.

That’s a weird time for any artist, and, five years later, their second album, Space is Still the Place, sees the band changed. Not only have they slimmed down, from seven members to four, but they’re also seem in a darker, moodier, more introspective place. It’s a mellower album, with a strong Pink Floyd bent to it. Of course, for Bright Light Social Hour, “mellower” is a relative term. “Ghost Dance” in particular is still a party song, with a propulsive bass, four-on-the-floor beat, and an audience singalong-ready “na na na” chorus – but listen to the lyrics for something altogether stranger and creepier.

The band was in town earlier this month for a show at the Red Dog, and the Bandwagon crew caught up with them for a Soundcheck Session.

Check it out:

Space is Still the Place, Bright Light Social Hour’s latest album, is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Watch for upcoming episodes of Bandwagon premiering on Electric City Live. Check out previous episodes on Bandwagon’s YouTube channel.


Images courtesy Mexican Cheesus Productions and Bright Light Social Hour.

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