Here is Peterborough’s Music Community Class of 2015

We talk a lot on this site about Peterborough’s amazing, diverse music community – but what does that actually look like?

Several months, local musician Ben Rough decided to find out. Inspired by similar events in Toronto and Guelph (and following in a tradition dating back to this iconic shot of Harlem’s jazz scene), Ben put out the call:

Who likes brotherhood? Sisterhood? Unity? Let’s be family!

Imagine every Peterborough band & musician & industry together at once, having a laugh, and the moment being documented for years to come?!

The goal of this event is to get as much of Peterborough’s Music Community (artists, producers, engineers, promoters, contributors (( graphic artists, publicists etc.) in one spot at one time, to get a group photo.

I would love for this to become an annual occurrence but you can’t create tradition without starting somewhere.

So here it goes!

And so, on September 8, over four dozen musicians, promoters, writers, producers, photographers, directors, venue owners, Electric City Liveians, kids, and a puppy came together.

It was far from a complete gathering – Peterborough simply has too many people making music, and too many people working and playing around music, for that to be possible. But it was a moment to come together, and to show off our community in all its weird, wooly, eclectic, lovey glory.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Peterborough’s Class of 2015:

Peterborough Class of 2015 (credit: Jessica Melnick Photography)

The photo was taken by Jessica Melnick, who waived her regular fee so money could be donated to the Lakefield Animal Shelter. Thanks Jessica!

There’s already talk of this becoming a yearly event. See you in 2016…?

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From Electric City Live

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