Explore Peterborough’s Cultural History on the Pathway Of Fame’s New Website

The Pathway of Fame’s website is getting a makeover. This local institution for almost 20 years honours Peterborough’s arts and culture luminaries with plaques along the walkway by Del Crary Park.

Now, under the guidance of board member Tommy Street (Seventh Fire Records) and Atomic Film and Design, the Pathway is heading online. Their sleek new website lets you donate to the Pathway, nominate new inductees, or browse the histories of all 200+ past inductees.

It’s a great way to delve into the city’s cultural history, with musical stars like Ronnie Hawkins, Stompin Tom, and Willie P; as well as more local-level luminaries like Bud Monahan, John Greco, and Syd Birell.

Read the press release for more:

Pathway of FameThe Pathway of Fame is unveiling a new webpage design on June 1. This will make it easier to know about the people on the Pathway of Fame and to follow some of the varied activities of the Pathway of Fame. Founded in 1997, it has maintained a pleasant walkway on the edge of Del Crary Park. Some of the people who have performed on the stage for the annual Musicfest or its predecessors have memorial stones along the walkway. The Walkway includes some very historic people such as Catharine Parr Traill, Margaret Laurence, Dr. Barnardo and Lester B. Pearson. Its categories for recognition include entertainment, drama, journalism and writing, as well as philanthropy and Good Samaritans.

The webpage includes comments about all the inductees and also information on how people can nominate those they deem worthy of this impressive honour. The Pathway contains over 200 names that are broadly representative of people who have made Peterborough and area very liveable.

In February of 2015, the Pathway of Fame facilitating committee unanimously approved a website expansion and development plan for pathwayoffame.ca proposed by committee member, Tom Street, and the design team at Atomic Film and Design.

Their vision was to create a website that would equal the high level of professionalism exhibited by the committee’s annual Footprints of Life book, as well as that of the Pathway itself. The need for a more user friendly online experience was evident, and the primary aim was to further the promotion of the organization and its extensive list of illustrious inductees.

With the help of committee archivist, Elwood Jones, many hours were spent in the back rooms of the Trent Valley Archives tracking down the most beautiful images and poignant content so that the Pathway’s cherished honourees would be properly showcased with full biographies and photographs.

The Peterborough Pathway of Fame, a not-for-profit organization, relies on donations and sponsorships to remain in operation. Donors receive income tax receipts. In order to show its appreciation, the committee added a dedicated page to the new site which displays sponsor logos and links to their respective websites. It is easy to make donations as the new pathwayoffame.ca provides an easy to use donation process.

Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages have been created to mirror the look and feel of the new site and increase its online visibility. The social media pages will allow for additional content to be presented, including featured flashbacks to many highlights of the Pathway’s nearly twenty years.

Other features of the new website include an events calendar aimed at promoting the happenings of the Pathway and its inductees alike, a media section displaying videos and news stories, and an online nomination form. We hope to add ongoing information about inductees on the Pathway, many of whom continue to write, perform or make news.

The Pathway of Fame publishes an annual tribute volume, Footprints of Life, which highlights the newest inductees and carries interesting stories related to past and current inductees often written by inductees. For information about Footprints of Life, contact Elwood Jones, ejones55@cogeco.ca.

The new webpage, pathwayoffame.ca, officially goes live on June 1. If you have any updated information on a past inductee, a special photograph you’d like to share, or an inductee’s event you’d like promoted, please contact info@pathwayoffame.ca.

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