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Ian Attridge on the Future of Peterborough

We are fast approaching the Peterborough municipal election, which occurs on October 22. An election is not just a changing of the guard in leadership, but is also an ideal time to start a conversation about the kind of city, and the kind of future, we want to build. There are many challenges facing this […]

Electric City 2021

At Electric City Magazine’s first All Citizens Meeting back in May, we were host to almost 50 people. After some connecting and mixing, people were invited to create the news three years in the future: May 2021. The following headlines and ledes were what they came up with. These 25 or so stories from the […]

Will the Overdose Prevention Site Planned for Peterborough Still Open?

Plans to open a temporary overdose prevention site in Peterborough appear to be on hold while local social service agencies wait to learn how the new provincial government will respond to the opioid crisis. PARN, the local agency leading Peterborough’s harm reduction efforts, announced in March that, with the support of Peterborough Public Health and […]

Should Peterborough Reinstate its Environmental Advisory Committee?

One idea put forward at Electric City’s first All Citizens Meeting in May was that Peterborough should establish an advisory committee made up of local citizens to help shape the city’s environmental policy, and to guide City staff and Council on how to manage Peterborough’s green spaces and natural heritage sites. Peterborough used to have […]

Electric City Magazine Podcast Episode 1: “Reimagining Democracy in Peterborough”

Listen to the first episode of the Electric City Magazine Podcast! During Electric City Magazine’s first All Citizens Meeting in May, Will Pearson connected with citizens who reflected on what matters to them most while pioneering a new way to do politics in Peterborough. https://electriccitymagazine.ptbopodcasters.ca/podcast-download/6/episode-1-reimagining-democracy-peterborough.mp3 Subscribe now. And come out to our second All Citizens Meeting, […]

Beyond Voting: It’s Time to Reimagine Democracy

reimagine: to imagine again or anew; especially: to form a new conception of. During election time, we can easily get lost in the notion that voting and politicians are at the centre of democracy. And yet, democracy is so much more. Today, democracy’s detractors point to the US experiment to denigrate the idea. In Canada, […]

Preserving an Urban Oasis

On October 2, 2017, 150 people gathered outside of City Hall to celebrate our city’s parks and greenspaces. On Council’s agenda that night were plans that would impact the future of both Jackson Park and Harper Park. Harper Park is arguably one of the most diverse greenspaces in our city, with an abundance of wildlife […]