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Transmissions: It’s a Natural?

[Transmis/sions} It’s fitting that the City of Peterborough reverted, after two attempts at re-branding, to ‘It’s a Natural’ days after approving the development of a sports complex in Trent University’s Nature Areas that would require “moving a wetland.” Is such a thing possible? Not exactly. It’s possible to destroy a wetland, obviously, and it’s possible […]

Chris Hedges: The Revolution Will Be Written

[Transmis/sions} Journalist, activist, and Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges will be speaking in Peterborough this month as part of the Precarious Festival. His talk, “Writing as Resistance,” will address the role of the artist in society. In his article “The Artist as Prophet” he writes, “Culture, in times of distress, is not a luxury but […]

A Thousand People

A thousand people participated in the events of Solidarity Weekend on September 30, when a planned white supremacist rally was transformed, via the alchemy of the popular imagination, into a powerful expression of community solidarity. That’s the big story. A hundred smaller dramas played out that day, some under the fetishistic gaze of the news […]

Who Belongs Downtown?

[Local/Currents} The Downtown Business Improvement Area (DBIA) and the City of Peterborough’s Social Services Division are funding a new program in response to complaints about panhandlers, loiterers, and perceptions that the downtown is unsafe and unsightly. The new initiative, called the Downtown Belonging Project, comes after the DBIA’s controversial piloting of the downtown ambassadors program […]

Panic Mom

[The Body/Politic} This is a story about mental health. It’s also a story about being a mom, alone and in a community. I’ve been an off-and-on-again denier of my generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). It comes in waves, and usually strikes at the most inappropriate times. GAD is like being on high alert all the time. […]

Transmissions: Opioids in Peterborough

[Transmis/sions} It’s been referred to by former federal Minister of Health Jane Philpott as “the greatest public-health crisis we face in Canada,” and recently we got a picture of just how bad it is locally: Peterborough now has the fourth-highest rate of opioid-related deaths in the province. The Ontario government recently announced a string of new […]

The Half-Life of Canadian General Electric

Everybody in Peterborough knows all about General Electric, the sprawling industrial complex between Park and Monaghan, and Albert and Wolfe, in the shadow of the High Street water tower, roughly at the boundary of the city’s south end, that was for many years the city’s most iconic and biggest employer. Two sad stories have dominated […]

Income Tax and Canadian Identity

{Power/Lines] The 150th anniversary of Canada’s confederation passed pretty painlessly, with surprisingly little ranting and raving, and with little to show for it overall. The fact that a tipi erected by Indigenous activists on Parliament Hill, amid a characteristically violent RCMP response, so easily upstaged the official festivities was both a bit sad for those […]

Transmissions: Lights Out at GE

[Transmis/sions} It’s always tragic when hundreds of people lose their jobs, especially if they’re unlikely to get another job, and if they support dependents, and if losing their job also means losing benefits they were entitled to as employees, and which they would benefit from as unemployed people. The announcement that General Electric is closing […]

Transmissions: A Pro Choice

[Transmis/sions} This past spring, when Peterborough City Council consented to the placement of several anti-abortion advertisements on the backs of city buses, many Peterborough residents got mad. A group of five Trent students, however, decided to get even. As part of a third-year social work class, they’d been given a unique assignment: to create a […]