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Trent University Campus Clash

Scenes from a small liberal arts university in the year 2016. It’s early September. Student groups gather on a large courtyard in front of the library. One of them, alone among the others, displays one of those Make America Great Again hats—you know the ones—and plays excerpts from Donald Trump’s campaign speeches on a loudspeaker. […]

Abortion Ad Snafu

{Local/Currents] Starting as early as this month, Peterborough Transit riders could be confronted with an uncomfortable message. “Abortion kills children,” says the ad, written in shattered big block letters. Next to it are three images: two showing a developing fetus, saying, “Growing… Growing…”, and then a streak of blood-like red, with the word “Gone.” (We’ve […]

Time to Get Woke to the Threat of the Slick Rich Guys

{Power/Lines] A few months ago I developed an unhealthy relationship with a photo of Bill Morneau, Finance Minister to the stars, in which he was beaming with what appeared to be genuine, astonished happiness, as his fellow Liberals applauded him and his dumb budget as if their seats at the cabinet table depended on it. […]

Syrian Refugees: Damascus to Peterborough

In an institutional stairwell of the New Canadians Centre (NCC), Natalie Napier presses Michael VanDerHerberg on the question of birthday parties. Two children who arrived in Canada in the fall are having birthdays—Anas is turning 14, and Sedra is turning 11—and Natalie wants to know if, failing other possibilities, the NCC itself could host the […]

Plastic Ain’t Fantastic

{Grounding/s] Growing up, whenever I found myself feeling overwhelmed or worried about life’s woes I would take a walk down to Lake Ontario, just steps away from our family home in Ajax. Hearing the waves crashing against the rocks and feeling the sand under my toes relaxed me. Unfortunately, those were the only aspects of […]

Voter Suppression: Eyes on the Prize, People

{Power/Lines] Amid all the theories about what caused the disastrous outcome of the US election, one key factor that has been overlooked, and one that helps in particular to explain the wide divergence between opinion polls leading up to the election and the actual ballots cast, and therefore the shock of the result, was voter […]

Trent Vegetable Gardens: Field to Table

{Grounding/s] Growing up I was always surrounded by nature and my own homegrown produce. I remember helping my mom plant peppers and tomatoes in the back yard, pulling weeds for hours and watering the garden for her before she got home from work in the evening. For our family, getting dirty to grow our own […]

No Pipelines on Stolen Native Land

{Grounding/s] It is September 4. I’m watching water protectors from across North America gathered in Standing Rock, North Dakota as they are attacked by dogs, shot with rubber bullets, and pepper sprayed. The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) was originally planned to go through Bismarck, North Dakota, but it was re-routed due to concerns for the […]

Why Does Homelessness Exist?

It was the end of October when the shrill sound of a ring tone jarred me out of a tired haze. It’s not very often in these modern times I actually receive a real phone call, and usually it’s either a wrong number, a lackluster salesperson, or bad news. This time I was certain it […]

PDI Sale: It’s a Done Deal

{Local/Currents] Well, it’s done now. On December 15, at the end of a marathon five-and-a-half-hour meeting, Peterborough City Council voted 6-to-5 to approve the sale of Peterborough Distribution Incorporated (PDI), our local electricity distributor, to Hydro One. The sale isn’t expected to be completed until early 2018, but our elected officials have spoken, and their […]