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Transmissions: Undamming the River

[Transmis/sions} We’re pretty mindful of the lack of racial and gender diversity in the media these days, but when was the last time you heard someone bemoan the underrepresentation of people living in poverty? When, indeed, was the last time you read an honest and unmediated account of what it’s like to scrape by on […]

Transmissions: $15 is Fair

[Transmis/sions} Kathleen Wynne’s government announced, as part of a slightly desperate ramp-up to hopefully not losing the next election, that the province’s minimum wage would rise in increments to $15 by 2019. Although the increase is fully justifiable from a public policy and simple human decency standpoint, it is undoubtedly the outcome of a highly […]

Transmissions: Spring is Sprung

[Transmis/sions} Spring this year began less as a season than as a battle of two great weather armies—let’s call them Winter and Summer for simplicity’s sake—attacking and repulsing, rallying and retaking the territory. Eventually the cold Napoleon surrendered to the warm one, but whatever happened to “April showers bring May flowers”? This time around the […]

Transmissions: Public Input on Immigration Detention

[Transmis/sions} The federal government announced this month that it’s inviting public input on the future of immigration detention. Canadians who have impeccable citizenship credentials will be invited to weigh in on whether and how people who find themselves on the wrong side of our border with incomplete paperwork should have their habeas corpus rights recognized […]

The Island

In the last federal election, a polling station was located at Bishop Doyle Hall at the corner of Hunter and Reid Streets. Across the road and two blocks away, is an assisted-living facility where many residents are confined to wheelchairs. Even though they lived just a 100 metres away, physically disabled residents of the building […]

Transmissions: Therrien à la Town

[Transmis/sions} Town Ward City Councillor Diane Therrien was exhausted from a marathon Council session when she got a call from a journalist for Radio-Canada, CBC’s French-language network, asking if she wanted to do an interview about Peterborough’s anti-abortion bus ads. “I have a francophone name,” Therrien says, “so he thought I would be fluently bilingual.” […]

Transmissions: April 2017

[Transmis/sions} A Library of the Future? Last May, the downtown branch of the Public Library—by some estimates the city’s most-used public institution—decamped, along with its entire collection, to Peterborough Square, where library staff have continued to provide an essential service in the offices of a former call centre. They plan to stay until September. And […]

Reduced Visibility

Over the last six months, the City has put forward two key policies that aim to clean up the downtown’s image as a centre of poverty and in one case, literally pave the way for a better future. Approved in November 2016, the Bethune Street Revitalization is a $40-million infrastructure project that will replace old […]

Geoengineering: Is This Our Climate Change Solution?

{Grounding/s] Being an environmental science student, I am constantly being bombarded with scientific proof that climate change is real, and that something must be done in order for us to maintain sustainable life on Earth. On the other hand, I also get to learn about innovative cross-disciplinary solutions that could mitigate the effects of climate […]