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Album Review: Antixx – Live @ The Pig

The first thing you hear on this album is an audience member screaming “You suck!!” It’s an auspicious start—no, really, it’s a perfect introduction to the gleefully unbridled id of a good punk show, and to to the warm-hearted skeeziness of the now dearly departed Pig’s Ear, where the album was recorded, and where Antixx […]

Album Review: Charlotte Moore – Long Road Back

Long Road Back is truly a singer-songwriter album, with a distinctly 70s Southern California air about it. The songs, co-written by Moore and Peterborough’s Dianne Latchford, place thoughtful, literate lyrics in musical settings that are pretty varied but energetic. There’s a lovely, light, shimmering chorus on “Today I’ll Let It Go,” nice jazzy chords on […]

Bandwagon: Chris Collins – “Say Hello To Heaven”

Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, closes out its sixth season today, as Chris Collins takes to the piano for a Chris Cornell tribute, “Say Hello To Heaven.” Chris Collins has been a member of the local music scene for many years, playing keys with many different bands: dub/funk/reggae band Dub Trinity, […]

Festivals Aren’t Making the Grade

It’s festival season again, and as the lineup announcements roll out, the predictable cycle of disappointment and frustration begins. Once again, the majority of festivals are booking lineups that feature very small numbers of women (including trans women)—often lower than 25%—despite the overwhelming numbers of excellent women-led bands currently working in the Canadian and worldwide […]

Summer Festival Guide 2017

It’s summer in Peterborough, and it’s time to go outside. The past few years have seen an explosion in summer festivals, with gatherings both massive and understated popping up across Canada and beyond, celebrating music, theatre, film, and art—and that’s only ramped up this year, with Canada celebrating its 150th. In town, we have music […]

A Place in the Sun: Musicians’ Memories of the Festival Circuit

A great festival is often as magical and memorable for the performers as it is for the audience. Accustomed to playing dingy, damp barrooms, with only the pastiest of devoted scenesters in attendance, musicians find the open-air venues, diverse crowds, and generous hospitality of a big festival a pleasant change, if a little disorienting. No […]

Album Review: The Fabulous Tonemasters – Get That Feelin Back

I was told when I was a kid that jazz is future music, always pushing forward towards new expressions and new forms, while blues is past-oriented, always revisiting and referencing old expressions and old forms. Blues sounds trite to the uninitiated because it breaks so little ground, but an artist embodying their pain in the […]

Bandwagon: Five Alarm Funk – “Widowmaker”

Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, is back for its sixth season. Today, Five Alarm Funk are back on Bandwagon with “Widowmaker.” Vancouver’s Five Alarm Funk are masters of excess. They’re a party-funk orchestra with too many members to logically sustain the decade-plus that they’ve been touring the country. Their music is […]

Album Review: Dylan Ireland – Every Other Night

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Dylan Ireland, the former frontman of Express and Company, whose gorgeous 2013 album Ontario earned some national attention. Express and Company fans will find a lot to love in many of the tracks on Dylan’s first solo record, in the album’s uniquely and authentically rural sound: its […]