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Album Review: Prime Junk – Ladybird

Prime Junk’s anguished yet catchy pop songs are on full display on this new EP, recorded by Nick Ferrio and Sun Rarara’s Dan Jacobs. Nat’s taunting, almost bratty vocal delivery remains, but what is immediately noticeable is that the noisy sludge that underpinned their music, both on Sunnyvale, their previous record, and on stage, is […]

The House That John Built

If a radio station is broadcasting, but no one’s tuned in to hear it, does it make a sound? When the station in question is Trent Radio, the answer depends on who you ask, and when. If you asked the average Peterborian, they might not be able to tell you where Trent Radio is on […]

Album Review: Nick Ferrio – Soothsayer

Here are two words I never thought I’d apply to a Nick Ferrio record: cool and bangin’. A far cry from his trad-country debut Introducing Nick Ferrio & His Feelings or the emotional folk-pop of Amongst the Coyotes & Birdsongs, Ferrio has whittled his band to a core of Sean Conway on bass and Brandon […]

Where to See Live Music in Peterborough

It’s repeated so often it’s almost cliché, and yet it’s true: for a city this size, Peterborough has an incredibly active, creative, and diverse music scene. And part of that scene is an abundance of live music venues. Pretty much 365 days of the year (depending if anyone wakes up on Christmas and New Year’s), […]

Television Rd: The Threat of the Weird

As you listen to more and more new music—or, even worse, if you write about new music for a living—more and more of it tends to float by without making much of an impact. Some of it may be good, or even great. You may appreciate its artistry; the particular skill of one band member […]

Album Review: Cottage Pope – Suburban-Land

The endlessly productive Tom Damsbaek is a chameleon. He’s released moody electronic-and-piano songs under his own name and quirky chillwave as Keabsmad. This album is a couple years old, but it’s a new discovery, and it’s hard to ignore an album this charismatically, joyfully weird. Its genre could accurately be described as “music,” quotes included. […]

Album Review: Peter Graham – Nowhere in Tacoma

Sometimes, it feels good to be sad—not the anguished grief of painful loss or heartbreak, but a sort of comforting melancholy, like a grey and rainy summer day with a cool breeze. On his debut EP, Millbrook’s Peter Graham settles easily into this sweet and sad mindspace. Graham’s calm, confident, and emotive vocals shine in […]

Album Review: ELMS – Integrity

In John Constable’s 19th century paintings of elms, deciduous trees now infested with Dutch elm disease and mostly dead or dying, they look proud but also somewhat moody—somewhere between an oak and a willow, if that helps. It’s likely that Alex Unger was thinking of both the melancholy beauty and the undercurrent of doomed disease […]

Album Review: Garbageface – 7HR33 51X M1X74P3

It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that we reviewed a new Garbageface album. (I looked it up: it was in March.) Like an old jazz guy in the 50s, Garbageface now releases enough material to track how his vision is changing on a six-month basis. And what a change it is. Gone […]