{ Editorial ]

ECM Co-founder Bids a Fond Farewell

I am writing to properly announce that I’m no longer working with Electric City Magazine. I’ve been doing this thing for three years (almost seven if you count the Electric City Live days). It’s been an absolute joy and one of the most rewarding creative projects I’ve ever taken part in, but it’s also been […]

Gabe Will Be Greatly Missed

Gabe Pollock’s contribution to Electric City Magazine, and by extension to the Peterborough community, has been significant. His sensibilities about fierce and independent media, the calibre of editing he brought to context rich and important stories, not to mention his love and knack for the local arts scene struck an unforgettable chord in our community. […]

What’s Next for ECM

Electric City Magazine is close to many people’s hearts. It has been seven months since the Resonance Centre for Social Evolution purchased Electric City Magazine from its founders David Tough and Gabe Pollock.

The Search for Space

When you try to picture a community, what do you see? You probably picture people, having conversations, working together, creating things. You may picture community events that bring those people together: street festivals, hockey games, concerts, art shows. You may picture the groups that make those events happen: neighbourhood groups, community organizations, non-profits, governments. You […]

Our News is Making a Difference

On August 11, Electric City Magazine will be hosting our fourth monthly All Citizens Meeting. During our first gathering we invited candidates for municipal Council to act as keynote listeners. The 45 or so people who came were invited to connect with one another and to share what was important to them. We invited participants […]

From the Ground Up

At Electric City Magazine, we have an affection for grassroots movements, for, I think, understandable reasons. The magazine itself was something that was started by myself, Gabe Pollock, and my co-founder David Tough, on our own. We saw a need for it in the community, and we decided to do something about it. But of […]

Toward a New Way of Covering Elections

Watching the coverage of the Ontario election has been a bit depressing. It’s not just the content of the news—all the sniping and ugly back-and-forths and bizarre drama of party politics—but it’s the coverage itself. Let me ask you: why is so much of the coverage centred around sniping, ugly back-and-forths, and bizarre drama of […]

Welcome to Local Election Season

When we meet with new writers who are interested in writing about some social or political issue in town, we frequently have the same question: “Ok, but what are we going to do about it?” Electric City Magazine has frequently become a paper of dissent in town, naysaying local government decisions and bemoaning everything that’s […]

A Less-Than-Modest Proposal

It was almost three years ago that the Peterborough Dialogues was begun by inviting people into the quest: what if we created a local living oasis in a global storm of shifting sands? Our pathway was to ignite our deepest gifts and possibilities as whole people, as enabled and ennobled citizens. Kinda lofty and somewhat […]