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Letters: April 2017

The End of Strategic Voting? Re: “Time to Get Woke to the Threat of Slick Rich Guys” For those of us pitiful wretches who are hopelessly addicted to making outrageous political predictions for which we can offer no rational justification, David Tough’s commentary on Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and the duplicity of the Liberal’s […]

News in Crisis

The news media is in crisis; we all know this. The past year has seen the closure of historic daily newspapers, unprecedented profit losses, newsroom consolidations, and journalist layoffs at major Canadian media organizations like Torstar (owners of Peterborough This Week) and Postmedia (owners of the Peterborough Examiner); the rise of ‘fake news,’ first as […]

Job Posting: Advertising Sales

Electric City Magazine is hiring! We are looking for someone dynamic, motivated, and generally awesome to be our new advertising salesperson. This person will be the public face of Electric City Magazine for current and future advertisers, and will play an essential role in growing the magazine.   Responsibilities Meet with local businesses and organizations […]

Letters: February 2017

Why homelessness exists Re: “Why Does Homelessness Exist?” Upon reading C.J. Smale’s article “Why Does Homelessness Exist?” I was surprised by the absence of a discussion of capitalism, the economic context in which homelessness exists in Peterborough and beyond. After all, it is capitalism that allows for—and encourages—homelessness to exist alongside an abundance of resources: […]

It Takes an Electric City

Welcome to volume 2 of Electric City Magazine! It’s hard to believe, but Electric City Magazine launched one year ago this month. Over the past year, we’ve used these editorial pages to speak as openly as possible about the thinking behind what we do, and the process of making it happen. So, as we hit […]

Letters: January 2017

The Lonely Parade Re: “Album Review: The Lonely Parade – No Shade” David Tough’s review on Lonely Parade’s newest album hardly discusses the genuine and artistic attributes that actually makes Lonely Parade interesting. The lyrics, music, or musicians are not discussed in a way that is interesting, thoughtful or informative. Oddly, most of the statements […]

Modern Living Through Electricity

It’s December, and, for media organizations, that means one thing. Yes, this is our first annual Year In Review issue, where we look back on what’s worth remembering and noticing about the 12 months we’re leaving behind. Besides our Year In Review feature, we also have a profile of Maryam Monsef, the local newsmaker of […]

Letters: December 2016

A Huge Oversight Re: “Transit in Transition“ While the 30 day pass is very handy and rates in general are fair, the fact that they charge the same for small children as they do adults is inadvertently having a tremendous detrimental effect to young families and single parents. Especially those with multiple children. What should […]

Letters: November 2016

I Was Late to the Celebrations I love Peterborough Pride. I’m queer: a cis-gendered woman in a long-term relationship with a straight man, I recognize this privilege but often feel unrecognized in the day-to-day. I crave the cosiness and contradictions of queer spaces, fill my life with chosen family. Pride- not just the parade, but […]

Interesting Times

We’re now ten months into Electric City Magazine, and this is when things start to get interesting. The path of the magazine so far has been slow growth: each month, we’ve expanded our coverage a little bit, increased our readership a little bit, and taken on a few more advertisers, moving us ever a little […]