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Same Old Story

It’s an interesting thought experiment to imagine how Electric City Magazine’s political coverage would have been different if the 2014 election had ended with Maryam Monsef as mayor, and a City Council with a wider perspective on the city. To be quite honest, we get tired of writing about Mayor Daryl Bennett and City Council […]

Letters: September 2017

The Peterborough Vortex Re: “The Pull of Peterborough” I sit here on my little writing spot in the corner of my couch on King St.(near Monaghan) with my mouth open a bit. I have lived in Peterborough for 41 years and have always called Peterborough , ‘the vortex’. I gave birth to 3 Peterborouians. One […]

Where Can You Find Electric City Magazine?

Electric City Magazine is now available at over 110 locations across Peterborough, and beyond into Lakefield, Bobcaygeon, and Millbrook Here’s a complete list of locations:   PETERBOROUGH – DOWNTOWN (George St) City Hall, Tonic Hair, Bluestreak, Peterborough Community Credit Union, The Spill, Pipe Dreams, Apollo Grill, Ariyana, Haaselton’s, Olde Stone Brewery, Natas, Speakeasy, Jimmy Guaco’s, Pita […]

What’s in a Slogan?

A mysterious monolith appeared at the southern entrance to the city, at the Parkway and Highway 115, last year and now, like the apes in 2001: A Space Odyssey, the people of Peterborough are being asked to give it meaning—preferably a meaning that will attract desperately needed tourists to the spot, which will soon host […]

Letters: August 2017

Bike Hegemony Re: “A City That Cycles” These initiatives are great, but I am hoping for a better balance or better way for bikes, walkers, and motor vehicle to operate. Biking favours the able and those living locally. The bike lane arrangement along George Street north of Parkhill has limited community usage of Sadleir House […]

Letters: July 2017

Don’t Blame the Artists Re: “A Space For Us,” “Letters: June 2017” I was pleased by Will Pearson’s response to my article, but feel compelled to address any implication that artists may be culpable for gentrification. Blaming artists for this problem is a narrative we need to refute and whose origins we should question. The […]

Letters: June 2017

Gentrification Re: “A Space for Us” I really appreciated Ann Jaeger’s piece on the need for cheap and accessible creative spaces downtown, and I agree with the article’s arguments. The imagery felt incongruous, though. In an article warning against the dangers of gentrification, the pictures depicted people sipping wine and looking at conceptual art in […]

Letters: May 2017

Gentrification in Peterborough Re: “Reduced Visibility” It made me both sad and angry to read this article. Not one word indicated any care or concern for the low income people who will be displaced by changes made to appease business owners and shoppers in the downtown. At a time when big cities like Toronto and […]

Letters: April 2017

The End of Strategic Voting? Re: “Time to Get Woke to the Threat of Slick Rich Guys” For those of us pitiful wretches who are hopelessly addicted to making outrageous political predictions for which we can offer no rational justification, David Tough’s commentary on Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and the duplicity of the Liberal’s […]

News in Crisis

The news media is in crisis; we all know this. The past year has seen the closure of historic daily newspapers, unprecedented profit losses, newsroom consolidations, and journalist layoffs at major Canadian media organizations like Torstar (owners of Peterborough This Week) and Postmedia (owners of the Peterborough Examiner); the rise of ‘fake news,’ first as […]