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Peterborough’s Rockin’ Creativity, Community-building

While walking through the city’s parks, subdivisions and main core, keep an eye peeled for something round and colourful underfoot. Whether it’s a happy face, an animal or a feel-good message, decorated rocks are fostering creativity and cultivating community-building in Peterborough. Residents paint and hide or place rocks in various areas of the community. The […]

Talks Continue to Fund Local Social Enterprise

Providing a “Clean Slate” for former detainees through a social enterprise in Peterborough is closer to fruition. Ralph Gutkin, co-ordinator and developer of Clean Slate Co-op, says an encouraging response from the community and potential funding opportunities are two promising developments following a meeting in March in the city. “I have had both an expression […]

Peterborough’s Food Charter Nourishing Community: Dietitian

From filling schoolchildren’s bellies with Ontario-grown food to using Nourish Market Dollars to support local producers, Peterborough continues to put an emphasis on local food issues. Those are but two examples of why the formation of the Peterborough Food Charter and follow-up food security and sustainability activities are so important, says Lauren Kennedy, a dietitian […]

Bees Create Buzz at Peterborough Church

A Peterborough United church is demonstrating it has faith… in bees. Greenwood United Church is the first faith-based community to join Bee City Canada. Bee City Canada’s mission is to inspire cities, towns, First Nations, schools, businesses and other organizations to step up and protect pollinators. “Greenwood has committed to taking actions which align with […]

Residents Building Monument for Sexual Violence Survivors

Finding peace, strength and solidarity are just three possible outcomes of having a memorial in Peterborough to recognize victims of sexual trauma. Peterborough is among four Ontario communities embracing a public art-making project to build a monument to honour survivors of sexual violence. The other three participating communities are North Bay, Carleton Place and Brantford. […]

Chef’s Passion About Local Food Feeds New Venture

From ripe, fresh produce to locally-raised beef, Anthony Lennan is striving to bring the bounty of the community’s farms back to the family dinner table. As a professional chef for 15 years, Anthony has had a long love affair with food and likewise a passion for sourcing local ingredients in his recipes. His own freezer […]

Peterborough Forum Localizes, Mobilizes UN Sustainable Development Goals

Inspiring a 12-year-old girl to research campaigns on climate change is one win for sustainable development following a recent forum. Another participant said the event, Community Forum: Understanding the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Canada’s Commitment and the Local Connections, was “incredibly transformational.” These examples are pretty strong signals for Julie Cosgrove of the Kawartha World […]

Choose Sustainability, Choose Life: Author

Choosing sustainability for the sake of the health of both people and the planet is at the crux of an upcoming event. Nourish presents a conversation April 1 at 6:30 p.m. in Peterborough with Mike Nickerson. Mike, author of Life, Money and Illusion; Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay (2009), Planning for […]

Social Enterprise to Provide ‘Clean Slate’ for Former Detainees, Others

From meeting over coffee with a Toronto corrections officer to having conversations with community members from various backgrounds, momentum continues to build for a local social enterprise. Ralph Gutkin says a recent forum in Peterborough that brought together citizens and spotlighted the Clean Slate Co-op initiative was a success and helped elevate the profile of […]