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Pedalling in the Patch

Imagine a city where there is no real rush hour, and many kilometres of pristine bike lanes connect to even smoother off-road car-free multi-use trails that then connect you to smaller surrounding towns. In this biketastic city, there’s even a bike lane right down the main street. For the past decade, I have been promoting […]

A Play in a Bottle

I’m sitting with Robert Winslow in the bleachers at 4th Line Theatre on a warm July day. Birds are chirping from their roosts in the weatherworn barn that serves as the backdrop and backstage for 4th Line’s outdoor plays. Wind wafts through the tall grasses that grow in the fields of the Winslow family farm, […]

The Pull of Peterborough

When I started this article, I asked my friend if he had any thoughts. Looking away momentarily to ponder, smiling, he eventually asked, “Do you know anything about ley lines?” I did not have a clue about ley lines. Ley lines, so say the internet and an ‘interesting’ book called Anti-Gravity & The World Grid, […]

What’s On in the Arts: August 2017

Here is your complete listings of arts and culture events happening in Peterborough in August 2017. For a complete list of music events, see our events calendar. Visual Art // Theatre // Film // Literary Arts // Workshops   Visual Art Summer of ’17 // Ongoing to August 31 // Christensen Fine Art // more […]

Space, Season, and Species

“We stand now where two roads diverge. But unlike the roads in Robert Frost’s familiar poem, they are not equally fair. The road we have long been traveling is deceptively easy, a smooth superhighway on which we progress with great speed, but at its end lies disaster. The other fork of the road—the one less […]

A-Camping We Will Go!

{Pop/Rant] Take a deep breath. Do you taste it? The city air is like bitter ash in your mouth. It’s made your body soft and complacent. Your mind is slow. Your genitals? Useless. But not mine. I’ve recently discovered the joy of camping! Nothing quite beats a return to the wilderness, where it’s only your […]

The Local Plate: A Beginner’s Guide to Farmers’ Markets

Is there anyone who doesn’t like strolling through their local farmers’ market early in the morning to shop for fresh produce? It’s fun, it’s exciting, and it’s something the whole family can enjoy.   Support the local economy. When you shop locally, you’re putting money back into your community and also into the hands of […]

Film Review: Pushback

Pushback, the new documentary by local filmmaker Matthew Hayes, doesn’t have a good story. It doesn’t have a simple story arc or a satisfying conclusion, and its protagonists aren’t always very likeable—but they are real. Instead, the film is a slice of life, documenting six months in the lives of four current and former residents of […]

Battle Magic

You may not be aware of this, but until recently, Peterborough was in open war with Ottawa. Both sides blame each other, but most here in Linnagond (a.k.a. Peterborough) say it’s all the fault of the Duke of Felfrost (a.k.a. Ottawa). The Duke and some Felfrost emissaries were in Linnagond for a coronation—normally a happy […]

A Guide to Bike Initiatives in Peterborough

There are lots of opportunities to get involved with your community on a bicycle in Peterborough. Whether you want to suit up in spandex and race, or just cruise around town on your grandparents’ one-speed, there are lots of people to do it with.   Sprockids An eight-week program run by the Peterborough Cycling Club […]