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Anywhere But Here: A Modest Proposal

{Pop/Rant] Let me preface this by declaring that I’m not a crackpot, and that I am speaking for each and every citizen living in the Peterborough downtown core. What I have to say will not be easy to hear, but it’s what you’ve all been thinking, and you have simply been waiting for someone with […]

Did You See the Moon?

{Well/ness] “It is the very error of the moon. She comes more nearer the earth than she was wont. And makes men mad.“ —William Shakespeare, Othello (1603) On January 31, 2018, a rare super blue blood moon graced the sky. A super blood moon is the coinciding of a blue moon (a second full moon […]

Digital Dilemma part 2

Over a year ago I wrote here about the overhaul Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council were undergoing to update their activities to include the support of creative industries struggling with the disruptive forces of the internet. Canadian Heritage revamped the federal policy surrounding copyright, intellectual property, and made slight but fairly good maneuvers toward […]

Lester Alfonso Makes His Mark

{F/ilm] Ah, the ReFrame Film Festival—those three days in winter where practically everyone we know is marching briskly along that slushy stretch of George between Market Hall, Showplace, and the Venue to catch the next film on social justice and environmental issues. This year, Peterborough cinephiles had the pleasure of seeing the world premiere of […]

Yoga Flow and Fire

{Well/ness] When it came to writing about yoga, I found it really difficult and experienced a kind of block, which is ironic, considering the idea of yoga is to convey flow, ease, and comfort. I started practicing yoga during a very bleak period of depression, in which I felt persistently distressed, struggled sleeping, and suffered […]

Toxic Avengers

{Pop/Rant] It’s a difficult time to be a real fan. Oh, sure, never has geekdom been catered to on a larger scale. Superheroes and Star Wars flood cinemas, while even niche properties have found a second (or third) life in a variety of reboots, prequels, sequels, semi-sequels, proto-remakes, reimaginings, and gleepquels (a term I’ve devised […]

A “Milestone” for Buddhism in North America

{Electric City/Faiths] This May will mark the tenth anniversary of a pilgrimage made by Ven. Shengguang Shi, a Buddhist monk, from the Cham Shan Buddhist Temple in Thornhill to a site just outside of Peterborough. The 135-kilometre pilgrimage took 181 days; the monk stopped every three steps to kneel and bow, touching his forehead to […]

What’s On in the Arts: February 2018

Here is your complete listings of arts and culture events happening in Peterborough in February 2018. For a complete list of music events, see our events calendar. Visual Art // Theatre and Performance // Orchestra and Choir // Film // Literary Arts // Workshops   Visual Art Student Art Show // Ongoing to February 15 […]

The Radius Project: “Something in the Water”

Why here? That’s the basic question at the centre of The Radius Project, the new documentary by local filmmaker Michael Hurcomb. What is it about Peterborough that has led to such an active, and often successful, music scene? From Neil Young and Ronnie Hawkins, through Jackson Delta and Washboard Hank, and into the modern era […]