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Darkness Falls

{Pop/Rant] You may not have noticed, but the world is a garbage dump. Everything is terrible, nobody is happy, and the news is filled with stories of famine, pestilence, war, death, and Kanye. So it’s only sensible that our light entertainment would reflect the soul-sucking depression that consumes our every waking hour. Instead of providing […]

10 Picks from Peterborough’s Eclectic Indie Food Scene

[Fo/od} Peterborough is a city of culture; a city of creative integrity; a city where pubs and cafes offer not only grub, coffee, and booze but slam poetry, open mics, jazz and blues, and colouring soirées too. From musicians to poets, the city has continued to produce a tight-knit scene of music, grassroots film, and […]

What’s On in the Arts: April 2017

Here is your complete listings of arts and culture events happening in Peterborough in April 2017. For a complete list of music events, see our events calendar.   Visual Art // Theatre // Film // Literary Arts // Workshops   Visual Art SPARK Photo Festival // April 1 to 30 // more info Peterborough’s annual […]

How The Grass Grows

[Sex & Women’s/Health} It’s finally come and gone: the death rattle of winter. And with it comes the majestic, glowing promise of longer, warmer, sunshinier days (omg!), less layers of clothing (yay!), and more catcalls from dingbats (boo!). Many women see this as a time to break out the semi-retired razor and start the daily […]

Phantasm: Weekend of Adventure

Imagine you are in a room that is 10 feet long and 10 feet wide. Across the room from you is a strong-looking man, holding a freshly baked pie. You are hungry. What do you want to do? You might respond, “I’ll talk to him, convince him to give me a piece of that sweet […]

Destination Canada

{Pop/Rant] Canada is paradise. A pine-filled terra firma of love and compassion, where we cheerfully trade in the bombast of the rockets’ red glare for our glorious and free home and native land. In these uncertain times, don’t you want to live in a country where everyone knows your name? Where your biggest concerns are […]

5 Ways to Feel Sexually Empowered

[Sex & Women’s/Health} To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, I invite you to grab hold of your sexuality (if it suits you to do so). For most, our sexuality is a critical and innate component of our whole selves. We all feel empowered in different ways and by different things, but here are […]

Review: And Then She Ate Me

{Theat/re] The houses that line Aberdeen Avenue are small, pretty in an unassuming and sleepy kind of way, and old—mostly dating back to the boom years following the Second World War. They’re far from Peterborough’s oldest houses, but they are old when compared to the people who now occupy them. The houses were there long […]