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Presence, Memory, and Witness: The Sisters of St Joseph

[Electric City/Faiths} On a hill in what used to be a farmer’s field west of Peterborough, but which is now a quiet green space tucked away beside Monaghan Road, a community of women have been leading lives of prayer and service for over 125 years. They’re the Sisters of Saint Joseph, a Catholic convent with […]

Peterborough’s Faith Groups Gain Strength by Collaborating

[Electric City/Faiths} This article, the first in a semi-regular series on religion in Peterborough, was planned before six people were killed praying at a mosque in Quebec City, and that event has left me feeling a responsibility I didn’t expect, though I should have. What we say about religion has consequences. But the shooting and […]

Electric City Elders

Cycling enthusiasts meet at Millennium Park on Monday and Wednesday evenings in the summer to ride tandem bicycles together. Half of them are blind or partially so, and the other half have full vision. They’re brought together by a program called Tandem Eyes, which gives people with vision loss the opportunity to ride bikes again […]

Faux Fashion Show Stitches Community Together

It’s a sunny Thursday morning and local artist Kathryn Bahun is behind the Night Kitchen, rummaging through the pizzeria’s recycling bins. She swipes some San Pellegrino wrappers, attracted to their bright colours, and she takes a discarded flour bag as well, for the strength of its material. Bahun is looking for art supplies. As a […]