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Digital Dilemma part 2

Over a year ago I wrote here about the overhaul Canadian Heritage and the Canada Council were undergoing to update their activities to include the support of creative industries struggling with the disruptive forces of the internet. Canadian Heritage revamped the federal policy surrounding copyright, intellectual property, and made slight but fairly good maneuvers toward […]

Digital Dilemma

{Electronic/City] Back in 2012 Artsweek Peterborough featured something called Gallery in a Truck. The idea was to make the truck a roaming art gallery. I applied to have my work as part of this venture and I was accepted. The women in charge, Elizabeth Fennell, Ann Jaeger, and Carolyn Code, all now high-profile ladies on […]

Arthur Shilling’s Heart and Vision

My family had a cottage on Lake Simcoe only a stone’s throw away from the Rama Reserve in Orillia. I remember visiting the reserve for festivities that were lost on me but seemed powerful and full of meaning. As a child my impression of First Nations people was that they were all creative, all seeming […]