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5 Ways to Feel Sexually Empowered

[Sex & Women’s/Health} To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, I invite you to grab hold of your sexuality (if it suits you to do so). For most, our sexuality is a critical and innate component of our whole selves. We all feel empowered in different ways and by different things, but here are […]

Gender and Health Care: Fair Treatment

[Sex & Women’s/Health} In the final hours of 2016, notorious US district judge Reed O’Connor ruled in favour of a physician’s right to refuse treatment to transgender patients and women who have had abortions on the grounds of religious freedom, thereby slamming the door shut on a year so full of backward steps. It seemed […]

Digital Delights

[Sex & Women’s/Health} I want to fill your 2017 with sex. In this column, I am going to talk about sex and health, and I am not going to be subtle about it. Some of the things I talk about may be uncomfortable. They may not appeal to more conservative sensibilities, where vaginas are called […]