{ Tracy Ashenden ]

How The Grass Grows

[Sex & Women’s/Health} It’s finally come and gone: the death rattle of winter. And with it comes the majestic, glowing promise of longer, warmer, sunshinier days (omg!), less layers of clothing (yay!), and more catcalls from dingbats (boo!). Many women see this as a time to break out the semi-retired razor and start the daily […]

5 Ways to Feel Sexually Empowered

[Sex & Women’s/Health} To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, I invite you to grab hold of your sexuality (if it suits you to do so). For most, our sexuality is a critical and innate component of our whole selves. We all feel empowered in different ways and by different things, but here are […]

Gender and Health Care: Fair Treatment

[Sex & Women’s/Health} In the final hours of 2016, notorious US district judge Reed O’Connor ruled in favour of a physician’s right to refuse treatment to transgender patients and women who have had abortions on the grounds of religious freedom, thereby slamming the door shut on a year so full of backward steps. It seemed […]

Digital Delights

[Sex & Women’s/Health} I want to fill your 2017 with sex. In this column, I am going to talk about sex and health, and I am not going to be subtle about it. Some of the things I talk about may be uncomfortable. They may not appeal to more conservative sensibilities, where vaginas are called […]