{ Sarah Bea ]

Is There Room for Music in Peterborough?

The abrupt closure of the Spill prompted many discussions on performance spaces in Peterborough. November’s Precarious Festival—the month-long arts festival organized by Kate Story—examined the economic insecurity of local artists, and was inspired in part by looming gentrification of our downtown and the potential for lost artist spaces. There is a greater concern here, however: […]

The Search for Peterborough’s Best Take-Out Poutine

Whether you’re feeling peckish on a warm autumn afternoon, or searching for a savoury snack while stumbling home from the Spill, there’s one dish that is sure to satisfy your cravings: the great Canadian comfort food, poutine. This heavenly polygamous marriage of potato, gravy, and curd is plentiful here in the Peter-patch—perhaps too plentiful. With […]