{ Natalie Hamilton ]

‘We Can Become a Very Resilient Community’

In neighbourhoods, people have meaningful interaction with their fellow citizens. They are conscientious about energy use and practise conservation. They eat produce grown in local gardens and meat raised by area farmers. They make purchases using the community’s very-own currency. It’s a pretty picture, an ideal way to live on a planet fragile amidst the […]

‘It All Just Stemmed From Having My Feet in the Dirt’

While tending to her own herb farm and welcoming visitors to her property, Andrea Connell saw a connection sprout between her land and its neighbours. Like her dry soil, community members were thirsty for better health and the opportunity to grow. After recognizing that metaphor, Andrea’s passion for permaculture — the development of agricultural ecosystems […]

‘It’s Doable and Possible that Communities Take Control of Their Own Needs’

From providing shelter to funding projects and dreams, social finance is already behind activities contributing to the “Common Good” in the community of Peterborough. For instance, one social financing endeavor helped create 43 apartments for people of varied incomes at The Mount Community Centre. That same building serves as a community hub, boasting office space […]

‘Many Windows’ Opens Many Doors in Peterborough

With expressions of love and solidarity in their hearts and in chalk-written messages on the pavement, about 1,000 community members united in support of inclusion and cultural diversity. What started out as one group’s attempt to run an anti-immigration rally at Peterborough’s city hall in 2017, ended much differently, turning an act of hate and […]