{ Gabe Pollock ]

A Play in a Bottle

I’m sitting with Robert Winslow in the bleachers at 4th Line Theatre on a warm July day. Birds are chirping from their roosts in the weatherworn barn that serves as the backdrop and backstage for 4th Line’s outdoor plays. Wind wafts through the tall grasses that grow in the fields of the Winslow family farm, […]

Album Review: Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3

It’s a time of crisis for the album. With most people buying music as a digital download code, what purpose does the actual physical album serve? Or, to put it another way, it’s a time of renaissance for the album, because if an album is just a download code, it can really look like anything—like, […]

Film Review: Pushback

Pushback, the new documentary by local filmmaker Matthew Hayes, doesn’t have a good story. It doesn’t have a simple story arc or a satisfying conclusion, and its protagonists aren’t always very likeable—but they are real. Instead, the film is a slice of life, documenting six months in the lives of four current and former residents of […]

Album Review: Koty Kolter – The Lazarus Project

It’s been three years since Peterborough rapper Koty Kolter went dark. He had a son, and decided it was time to clean up and quit the game—and without the game, what was there to rap about? Now, Kolter is back, but that same question still pervades his new album. On The Lazarus Project, Kolter is […]

Battle Magic

You may not be aware of this, but until recently, Peterborough was in open war with Ottawa. Both sides blame each other, but most here in Linnagond (a.k.a. Peterborough) say it’s all the fault of the Duke of Felfrost (a.k.a. Ottawa). The Duke and some Felfrost emissaries were in Linnagond for a coronation—normally a happy […]

Album Review: Jubekyth – How It Feels

I really enjoy this album, and I can’t entirely decide why. There are elements that straight-up do not work: the pairing of new-country guitar with moody looped vocals in “The Sad Truth” (though each element is individually captivating), the bloodless vocals proclaiming their sexual prowess in “Strut” (though the funky guitar and bass is excellent), […]

Album Review: Antixx – Live @ The Pig

The first thing you hear on this album is an audience member screaming “You suck!!” It’s an auspicious start—no, really, it’s a perfect introduction to the gleefully unbridled id of a good punk show, and to to the warm-hearted skeeziness of the now dearly departed Pig’s Ear, where the album was recorded, and where Antixx […]

Bandwagon: Chris Collins – “Say Hello To Heaven”

Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, closes out its sixth season today, as Chris Collins takes to the piano for a Chris Cornell tribute, “Say Hello To Heaven.” Chris Collins has been a member of the local music scene for many years, playing keys with many different bands: dub/funk/reggae band Dub Trinity, […]

Taking Back the Streets

One of my favourite local street festival memories happened, strangely enough, after the festival was cancelled. It was the 2016 Hootenanny on Hunter Street, an annual event that shuts down Hunter Street between George and Aylmer for a full day of music, food, patios, and all sorts of activities you normally can’t do when the […]