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Album Review: Plaid on Flannel – Rising Above

Plaid on Flannel is the brainchild of Peterborough-born musician Nolan Randall. A former member of High Waters Band, Plaid on Flannel was Randall’s side project since 2011, with a couple independent releases, but after moving to Toronto in 2013, Randall decided to fully commit, bringing on a proper band. The change has done a lot […]

Album Review: PUPPET – Z

In these strange times we find ourselves, there’s something cathartic—even enjoyable—about apocalyptic imagery, pronouncements of the final winner-take-all fight between good and evil. Peterborough’s PUPPET fill their debut album with these portentous visions, writ large in slow, intentional builds with a doomy, distant-thunder-boom darkness that occasionally explode into thrashing climaxes. It’s heady stuff, and also […]

Album Review: Mary-Kate Edwards – Blueberry Pie

For a three-song EP from a young songwriter, Blueberry Pie is a rather ambitious debut, and with a rather distinctive sound on the Peterborough scene. Each of the three songs tell personal stories in evocative, poetic lyrics, set against a chamber-pop backdrop of piano and strings, and only the occasional guitar. There is an odd […]

What’s On in the Arts: April 2017

Here is your complete listings of arts and culture events happening in Peterborough in April 2017. For a complete list of music events, see our events calendar.   Visual Art // Theatre // Film // Literary Arts // Workshops   Visual Art SPARK Photo Festival // April 1 to 30 // more info Peterborough’s annual […]

Album Review: Steelburner – EP

Jill Staveley and Matthew Watson have been members of the music scene for many years—Staveley with The Burning Hell, Watson with The United Steelworkers of Montreal and other bands. They toured together, they fell in love, they had kids, and then, for a while, they drew back from music. Steelburner is their first collaboration. It’s […]

Album Review: Andrew Shedden – Better Off This Way

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Andrew Shedden. The local musician went north in 2014, bound for work in the isolated First Nations community of Kashechewan. Better Off This Way represents Shedden’s first major output since the move, and indeed his most composed, professionally recorded music to date. It’s a collection of lived-in […]

5 Questions: Richard Laviolette

Taking the Long Way Home, the title of Richard Laviolette’s latest album, is quite literal. After a wildly productive decade recording albums in a variety of genres with a variety of bands, Laviolette’s latest is perhaps his most personal project. It’s an album of reminiscences about his childhood in small-town Ontario, set against a backdrop […]

Abortion Ad Snafu

{Local/Currents] Starting April 1, Peterborough Transit riders could be confronted with an uncomfortable message. “Abortion kills children,” says the ad, written in shattered big block letters. Next to it are three images: two showing a developing fetus, saying, “Growing… Growing…”, and then a streak of blood-like red, with the word “Gone.” (We’ve chosen to not include […]

Album Review: Seafoam Dream – Baby, Believe Me

Well this is a slice of beachy, dreamy warmth. Taking its cues from the Beach Boys, in their surf rock guitars, their “oh-whoa” vocals, their sentimental songs, and their warm melodies, the music of Seafoam Dream is undeniably a throwback. And in particular, the band references the Beach Boys at their most sonically ambitious, with […]

Review: And Then She Ate Me

{Theat/re] The houses that line Aberdeen Avenue are small, pretty in an unassuming and sleepy kind of way, and old—mostly dating back to the boom years following the Second World War. They’re far from Peterborough’s oldest houses, but they are old when compared to the people who now occupy them. The houses were there long […]