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Album Review: Charlotte Moore – Long Road Back

Long Road Back is truly a singer-songwriter album, with a distinctly 70s Southern California air about it. The songs, co-written by Moore and Peterborough’s Dianne Latchford, place thoughtful, literate lyrics in musical settings that are pretty varied but energetic. There’s a lovely, light, shimmering chorus on “Today I’ll Let It Go,” nice jazzy chords on […]

A Place in the Sun: Musicians’ Memories of the Festival Circuit

A great festival is often as magical and memorable for the performers as it is for the audience. Accustomed to playing dingy, damp barrooms, with only the pastiest of devoted scenesters in attendance, musicians find the open-air venues, diverse crowds, and generous hospitality of a big festival a pleasant change, if a little disorienting. No […]

Transmissions: $15 is Fair

[Transmis/sions} Kathleen Wynne’s government announced, as part of a slightly desperate ramp-up to hopefully not losing the next election, that the province’s minimum wage would rise in increments to $15 by 2019. Although the increase is fully justifiable from a public policy and simple human decency standpoint, it is undoubtedly the outcome of a highly […]

Album Review: The Fabulous Tonemasters – Get That Feelin Back

I was told when I was a kid that jazz is future music, always pushing forward towards new expressions and new forms, while blues is past-oriented, always revisiting and referencing old expressions and old forms. Blues sounds trite to the uninitiated because it breaks so little ground, but an artist embodying their pain in the […]

Transmissions: Spring is Sprung

[Transmis/sions} Spring this year began less as a season than as a battle of two great weather armies—let’s call them Winter and Summer for simplicity’s sake—attacking and repulsing, rallying and retaking the territory. Eventually the cold Napoleon surrendered to the warm one, but whatever happened to “April showers bring May flowers”? This time around the […]

The Story That Goes Nowhere: A Life with Chronic Illness

[Heal/th} This month is my fifteenth anniversary of being chronically ill. I’ve spent a lot of time, when I was too symptomatic to sleep, or when I was in the hospital for long stretches, trying to make sense of my experiences. As my friend Pauline Harder says, chronic disease is a narrative challenge: it defies […]

Album Review: Television Rd – TV RD pt. I

In the past, Television Rd’s experimental eclecticism—throwing bits of cabaret and free jazz at pop-rock and seeing what splattered where—has felt a bit ragged, a bit edgy, even a bit off. This new recording is more solid, its darkness and anger more focused, and therefore more powerful, in part because the band is more squarely […]

Transmissions: Public Input on Immigration Detention

[Transmis/sions} The federal government announced this month that it’s inviting public input on the future of immigration detention. Canadians who have impeccable citizenship credentials will be invited to weigh in on whether and how people who find themselves on the wrong side of our border with incomplete paperwork should have their habeas corpus rights recognized […]

Transmissions: Therrien à la Town

[Transmis/sions} Town Ward City Councillor Diane Therrien was exhausted from a marathon Council session when she got a call from a journalist for Radio-Canada, CBC’s French-language network, asking if she wanted to do an interview about Peterborough’s anti-abortion bus ads. “I have a francophone name,” Therrien says, “so he thought I would be fluently bilingual.” […]

Album Review: Garbageface x Yung Gutted – Apostasy

Garbageface has always looked out for us, but where previously his help was more of an open offer, now he’s starting to dish out actual advice. “If you’re lost and you need help, just remember this ritual, a spiritual victual: make a circle of salt and bones.” Repeat as necessary. If you think this sounds […]