{ David Tough ]

Transmissions: Therrien à la Town

[Transmis/sions} Town Ward City Councillor Diane Therrien was exhausted from a marathon Council session when she got a call from a journalist for Radio-Canada, CBC’s French-language network, asking if she wanted to do an interview about Peterborough’s anti-abortion bus ads. “I have a francophone name,” Therrien says, “so he thought I would be fluently bilingual.” […]

Album Review: Garbageface x Yung Gutted – Apostasy

Garbageface has always looked out for us, but where previously his help was more of an open offer, now he’s starting to dish out actual advice. “If you’re lost and you need help, just remember this ritual, a spiritual victual: make a circle of salt and bones.” Repeat as necessary. If you think this sounds […]

A Rising Scene: Prime Junk, Stacey Green Jumps and Friends

Prime Junk are a bit rattled but charismatic and full of adrenaline as they start their set at Trent University’s Battle of the Bands at the Red Dog Tavern last month. Without a soundcheck, and with minimal time allotted for the changeover from Television Rd, they launch into the first song still arguing over whether […]

Album Review: Tom Damsbaek – Ultimatums

This is quite frankly a gorgeous album. A collection of pleading break-up songs with yearning, sing-songy melodies and blissed-out Beach Boys harmonies, it sounds like a Top 40 station should sound, but with a bit more swearing and a little less dancing. The ten tracks, dominated alternately by pretty piano figures and chiming synth arpeggios, […]

BA Johnston: Hobo 4 Life

Sparklers fizz in the dark, and friendly murmurs turn to whoops and cheers as the dramatic opening chords of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger” blare on the house speakers. BA Johnston, a short and thick 40-ish man with elaborate facial hair wearing a ship captain’s hat and a polyester sweater, strides through the crowd to […]

Time to Get Woke to the Threat of the Slick Rich Guys

{Power/Lines] A few months ago I developed an unhealthy relationship with a photo of Bill Morneau, Finance Minister to the stars, in which he was beaming with what appeared to be genuine, astonished happiness, as his fellow Liberals applauded him and his dumb budget as if their seats at the cabinet table depended on it. […]

Syrian Refugees: Damascus to Peterborough

In an institutional stairwell of the New Canadians Centre (NCC), Natalie Napier presses Michael VanDerHerberg on the question of birthday parties. Two children who arrived in Canada in the fall are having birthdays—Anas is turning 14, and Sedra is turning 11—and Natalie wants to know if, failing other possibilities, the NCC itself could host the […]

The Enduring Madcap Spirit of Max Mouse and the Gorillas

Sitting in the side room of the Pig’s Ear Tavern on a Saturday a while back, Cris Cuddy was explaining to me that good rock music is in the performer’s delivery, the energy that comes off the stage, not the technical precision of the performance. He has a lifetime of music business experience, going back […]

Voter Suppression: Eyes on the Prize, People

{Power/Lines] Amid all the theories about what caused the disastrous outcome of the US election, one key factor that has been overlooked, and one that helps in particular to explain the wide divergence between opinion polls leading up to the election and the actual ballots cast, and therefore the shock of the result, was voter […]

Album Review: Tara Williamson – Songs to Keep Us Warm

The soaring cascade of breathy high notes with which Tara Williamson sings the lyric “Why? Cuz fuck ’em all” on “Islands of Decolonial Love,” the opening track on Songs to Keep Us Warm, is a perfect encapsulation of what she’s doing on her definitively accessible yet bravely independent album. Produced mostly by Jim Bryson, who lends […]