{ Doug Tilley ]

Embrace The Darkness

{Pop/Rant] In recent columns I’ve become a bit fixated on how the world in 2017 is a very, very scary place. Perhaps that’s why October is my favorite month of the year, since the arrival of Halloween gives me an opportunity to push aside thoughts of global conflicts, potential skin cancer, and how in the […]

The Safety Dance

{Pop/Rant] We live in uncertain times. Terror attacks seem to occur on a weekly basis. White nationalists march freely in the streets. And the threat of nuclear war hangs over us all. Not to mention that big orange idiot in the White House creating international calamities on a weekly (daily?) basis. But with crisis comes […]

A-Camping We Will Go!

{Pop/Rant] Take a deep breath. Do you taste it? The city air is like bitter ash in your mouth. It’s made your body soft and complacent. Your mind is slow. Your genitals? Useless. But not mine. I’ve recently discovered the joy of camping! Nothing quite beats a return to the wilderness, where it’s only your […]

Memories of a Free Festival

{Pop/Rant] Summer is rapidly approaching, and that means only one thing: FESTIVALS! Craft festivals, beer festivals, Caribbean festivals, tree festivals… festivals of all sizes and stripes. For those poor souls trapped in the damp furnace that is Peterborough, Ontario during these long summer months, festivals provide a brief respite from lounging on patios, avoiding our […]

Freedom of Choice

{Pop/Rant] I was recently talking with my wife about music, and the topic of (seminal English punk group and “only band that matters”) the Clash came up. She startlingly declared to me that the Clash were, in her words, “a boy’s band,” meaning that their music and its subject matter was meant to appeal specifically—and […]

Darkness Falls

{Pop/Rant] You may not have noticed, but the world is a garbage dump. Everything is terrible, nobody is happy, and the news is filled with stories of famine, pestilence, war, death, and Kanye. So it’s only sensible that our light entertainment would reflect the soul-sucking depression that consumes our every waking hour. Instead of providing […]

Destination Canada

{Pop/Rant] Canada is paradise. A pine-filled terra firma of love and compassion, where we cheerfully trade in the bombast of the rockets’ red glare for our glorious and free home and native land. In these uncertain times, don’t you want to live in a country where everyone knows your name? Where your biggest concerns are […]

That’s Entertainment!

{Pop/Rant] We’ve been overwhelmed lately with show business luminaries talking about how motion pictures are dying. Whether it be Martin Scorsese (Boxcar Bertha; New York, New York) plaintively stating that “cinema is gone,” or Ridley Scott (A Good Year; Exodus: Gods and Kings) complaining that “cinema is mainly bad,” it seems like Hollywood’s old guard […]

Better Than You

{Pop/Rant] If 2016 has taught us nothing else, and it certainly hasn’t, it’s that our Earth needs protecting. No, not from a race of aliens looking to aggressively sap our natural resources (while also being surprisingly susceptible to disease/computer viruses/water), but from those soulless capitalist dregs of humanity desperate to turn our rapidly dwindling stock […]