{ Christopher Wilton ]

A Town Called Nourish

{Electric City/Cooks] Sharing a meal is one of the most intimate and primordial acts humans have of creating community. In restaurants, we are used to paying for food. In this, like everything else, the wealthy have all the advantages. Those who can afford to eat well, do. Those who cannot, make do. This month, I […]

Electric City Cooks: The Goldenberg Variations

“I am 13.” With that cryptic introduction, Ted Olver first met Michael Goldenberg at the old Kaos Café. Over the course of writing this column, Goldenberg’s name has kept coming up in interviews with cooks who still feel his influence today. I decided to convene a group of some of those people to discuss the […]

Electric City Cooks: Kerri Niemi

{Electric City Cook/s] Perhaps because you can’t see easily in from the outside, or perhaps because it’s always been a notoriously dark room, even when it was the Aran Pub back in the day, the Sapphire Room on Hunter Street is the very idea of a place you can hide away from your troubles and […]

Where Does Our Meat Come From?

{Electric City Cook/s] Most people I know want to eat meat ethically and care about where their meat comes from. They are also willing to pay for it, which means that someone will want to profit from that desire. For the past 60 years, North America was focused on cheap meat and getting as much […]

Electric City Cooks: Kevin Manley

At 43, Kevin Manley has seen his fair share of Peterborough kitchens. From the old Miss Diana Hotel, now the Trentwinds, where he got his start as a teenager bussing tables, doing dishes, or manning the coat check, to working the grill at the Favourite Greek on George Street, Manley has seen many restaurants come […]

Electric City Cooks: Lindsey Dupuis

The staff at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) were perplexed one day, when a patient of theirs requested a dozen packets of mayo and some hard-boiled eggs. They watched bemused as the little girl scooped out the hard yolks and squeezed all the mayo together with them and went about making deviled eggs. […]

Electric City Cooks: Jeremy Fletcher

Jeremy Fletcher is passionate about yeast. When I visit him in his kitchen at Electric City Bread Co (ECBC) he is just waking up his sourdough starter for the day’s work. For many people, sourdough is a type of bread. For those who know, it is simply the way bread has been made for as […]

Electric City Cooks: Susan Houde

Susan Houde is the “second dish” in the name Two Dishes Cookshop. Along with her sister, Paula Houde, she operates one of the most exciting tables in Peterborough. Yet, the magician behind the curtain rarely comes out to take a bow. So much so, her sister Paula says, that people sometimes doubt the very existence of […]

Electric City Cooks: Brad Watt

Brad Watt is a serious chef who is seriously down to earth. He works meticulously, precisely, and yet his feet are firmly planted in gardens and in farmer’s fields. The 40-year old chef/owner from PEI opened his restaurant, Rare Grill House, nine years ago on Brock St. with his wife Katie; a journey that began […]