{ Chanté White ]

Geoengineering: Is This Our Climate Change Solution?

{Grounding/s] Being an environmental science student, I am constantly being bombarded with scientific proof that climate change is real, and that something must be done in order for us to maintain sustainable life on Earth. On the other hand, I also get to learn about innovative cross-disciplinary solutions that could mitigate the effects of climate […]

Plastic Ain’t Fantastic

{Grounding/s] Growing up, whenever I found myself feeling overwhelmed or worried about life’s woes I would take a walk down to Lake Ontario, just steps away from our family home in Ajax. Hearing the waves crashing against the rocks and feeling the sand under my toes relaxed me. Unfortunately, those were the only aspects of […]

Trent Vegetable Gardens: Field to Table

{Grounding/s] Growing up I was always surrounded by nature and my own homegrown produce. I remember helping my mom plant peppers and tomatoes in the back yard, pulling weeds for hours and watering the garden for her before she got home from work in the evening. For our family, getting dirty to grow our own […]

Solar Farms: the Good, the Bad, and the Sunny

{Grounding/s] The first solar farm I ever saw was the Lily Lake Solar Farm in Selwyn Township. I had no idea that the farm was connected to Hydro One; I was just happy to see that Peterborough was creating clean, renewable energy. I later found out that Lily Lake was one of the first and […]

Cap and Trade: Too Little Too Late?

{Grounding/s] I remember thinking to myself during the summer of 2015, “It can’t get any hotter than this.” I was wrong. When 2016 came around, temperatures slowly began to rise, and sadly stayed high almost the whole summer. Meteorologists have declared this year to be one of the hottest on record, making this heat wave […]