Electric City Magazine is a free magazine of Peterborough life and culture, published in hard copy on a monthly basis and updated regularly on the web, distributed across the city and across the internet

Music, especially live music, is at the heart of this city and of Electric City Magazine, but we also take a wider look at arts and culture in the city. Whether we’re writing about dance clubs or modern dance, street art or sonnets, we connect it to a larger sense of what makes Peterborough unique.

We write about politics, and about the people trying to make Peterborough better. Electric City Magazine stands alone in our sympathy with the stigmatized, the people who can’t pay rent or get work or get treatment, and our willingness to be critical of the powerful.

Our vision is a city aware of its problems and awakened to its potential, and energized to transform itself for the better.



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Design and Production

Yvonne Hollandy ([email protected])


Web Developer

Ian Couper