Album Review: BEEF BOYS – Melt Like a Witch

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Peterborough ‘garage ponks’ BEEF BOYS have always taken a slash-and-burn approach to music – loud, fast, cynical garage rock played sloppy and with ferocious intensity, seemingly tearing apart their own music even as they make it.

BEEF-BOYS---Melted-Like-a-WitchMelt Like a Witch certainly starts that way, with Germ Sperman’s haggard vocals and lightning-fast guitar work, Young Ray Kang’s growling bass, and Brandon Root slamming the shit out of his drum kit, through a breathless first few tracks.

But as the album progresses, it opens up significantly. Some of the album’s best moments are when it gets sludgy and low, heading into stoner rock territory on “CBGB USA” and the meditative and unexpectedly epic “Apollo Eyes.” Elsewhere, the boys prove they can write catchy-as-hell rock hooks on “Dirty Boys, Dirty Girls.”

Full-throttle destruction is exhausting work, and it seems that, as the boys release their first full-length album, they’re moving dangerously close towards creation.

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BEEF BOYS’ Melt Like a Witch comes out November 30, 2017. Pre-order now on Bandcamp.


Images courtesy the artist.

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Gabe Pollock

Gabe Pollock

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