Album Review: Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3

Pentagon Black
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It’s a time of crisis for the album. With most people buying music as a digital download code, what purpose does the actual physical album serve? Or, to put it another way, it’s a time of renaissance for the album, because if an album is just a download code, it can really look like anything—like, in this case, an awesome-looking postcard.

Pentagon Black - Compilation No. 3Pentagon Black, the boutique indie label from Montreal’s the Famines, have been releasing a series of these compilations, featuring raw and lo-fi recordings from across the Canadian indie scene—on volume 3, ranging from Edmonton to Saint John, synth pop to acoustic folk to experimental spoken word, plus a healthy dose of rock and punk.

Peterborough is notably well represented, with Lonely Parade, Garbageface, and BEEF BOYS sitting comfortably in the canon alongside stellar tracks from Motherhood, Century Palm, LAPS, Smokey & Cole Kush, and more. An intriguing look at the state of Canadian indie music, and its medium.


Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3 is available for purchase on Bandcamp.


All images courtesy the artist.

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Gabe Pollock

Gabe Pollock

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