Letters: May 2017

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Gentrification in Peterborough

Re: “Reduced Visibility

It made me both sad and angry to read this article. Not one word indicated any care or concern for the low income people who will be displaced by changes made to appease business owners and shoppers in the downtown.

At a time when big cities like Toronto and Vancouver are working overtime to push the poor out to the margins – anywhere but downtown – it’s a sad commentary to see Peterborough pursuing the same agenda without any regard for the people already living in those areas.

Surely we can do better than that.

Deborah OConnor


Poor Journalism/Mytholigizing

Re: “A Rising Scene: Prime Junk, Stacey Green Jumps and Friends

A Rising Scene? There’s no mention of how these kids are part of a continuum of bands playing garage pop in this city for like 20 years. No mention of who they’ve played with, which bands encouraged them when they first started out and who they’ve since shunned (except all the gossip on how awful Watershed hour was to Nat – where’s the fact checking? Did you ask Laura if anything Nat said was true or is it just bitter BS?

Little mention of how important places like The Spill are that allow underage/amatuer/different acts to play (how about an article on Dave Tobey’s contribution to Peterborough amateur/original musicians?) It’s mentioned in passing after a long description of their jam space.

I understand it’s great to encourage them, but these kids didn’t invent the wheel, they plugged into an ongoing scene and you painted them like original geniuses. Three bands isn’t a ‘scene’ – it’s a collection of friends. This town is too small for the adolescent fractured cliquiness that repeatedly kills off any actual scene/community as soon as it gets going. There’s so many musicians in this town that receive no press, no encouragement, and a very few that tend to repeatedly get most of the spotlight – A sympton of small time favouritism, and the lust of the author to be seen as being ‘hep’, rather than promoting all local artists, regardless of who they know and whether the author likes their music or not.


Author response: As a monthly publication, we feature a different artist every month; over the last 16 issues, we’ve featured 14 artists. No single feature is intended to be a definitive statement on music in Peterborough, but we hope that, collectively, they paint a picture of the different musics and scenes happening in town – rising and otherwise. We pride ourselves on surprising our readers and featuring a diversity of artists.

Profiles are not investigative journalism. If an artist tells a story about their artistic development, when they felt inspired or stifled in a given project, that’s a subjective impression.

Nat was asked about their musical development and, as they have been almost exclusively in one band with one person, they talked at great length about that band. There was nothing malicious in our reporting that aspect of the story.

The story says explicitly, in fact, that Watershed Hour was a great band. Like a lot of great bands, they evidently broke up acrimoniously, which is too bad for many reasons, one of which is that, within a month or two of the launch of Electric City Magazine, they weren’t around to feature.


Downtown Mural (Proposal)

Letters - Downtown Mural (Proposal) - Alex Bierk

Alex Bierk


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