Bandwagon: Kayla Howran performs “Country Radio”

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Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, is back for its sixth season. Today, Bandwagon meets up with local musician Kayla Howran for a performance of “Country Radio.”

howran2Kayla Howran grew up in Peterborough, but her music first grew on the ramshackle and beloved stage of Toronto’s answer to the Grand Ole Opry, the Cameron House. There, she performed playful and lively honkytonk music, and recorded an album, Pistol, which was released by Cameron House Records.

But Howran has moved back to Peterborough, and her music has continued to evolve. On her second album, Spare Parts, produced by Blue Rodeo’s Colin Cripps and recorded at the Tragically Hip’s Bathhouse Studio, she shows a more muted, at times melancholy, side to her songwriting.

Said Howran when we spoke to her about the new record last year, “I think the main difference between my two recordings was that this time I was ready. I knew what I was looking for in a sound, I had worked very hard for over two years on writing the songs. I felt like I had matured as a person and musician over that time and was excited for that to come through in my new material.”

Bandwagon recently met up with Kayla Howran at the quirky downtown vintage shop Catalina’s, right before the Spare Parts release party, for a performance of “Country Radio.”

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Kayla Howran’s Spare Parts is available for purchase on iTunes.

Watch for upcoming episodes of Bandwagon premiering on Electric City Magazine. Check out previous episodes on Bandwagon’s YouTube channel.


Kayla Howran photo by Jen Squires.

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