Bandwagon: Dylan Ireland performs “Silver Screen”

Dylan Ireland
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Bandwagon, the local video series featuring intimate performances from excellent bands, is back for its sixth season. Today, Bandwagon meets up with local musician Dylan Ireland for a performance of “Silver Screen.”

Dylan IrelandIt’s been a few years since we’ve heard from Dylan Ireland. His previous band, Express and Company, had a good deal of success with their 2013 album Ontario. It had a sound that embraced traditional Canadian roots rock and an authentically rural feel, and gave us the single “Carry Me Along,” which charted nationally on CBC Radio 2. Ireland won that year’s Emerging Artist Award at the Peterborough Folk Festival, and the band toured across Canada.

Ireland has continued touring throughout, and now he returns with his first solo record, Every Other Night, arriving June 16. The album retains much of Express’ woodsy warmth, but also expands the sonic palette, with a pretty stellar backing band (including  Jim Bryson, Gord Tough, Loel Campbell, and Anna Ruddick), and some more raw, rocking numbers too.

Bandwagon recently met up with Ireland (backed up by McKenty and local musician Kayla Howran) for a performance of “Silver Screen,” off the new album.

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Images courtesy Mexican Cheesus Productions and Dylan Ireland.

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