New And Local: April 2012

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Every month, Peterborough musicians are releasing new, exciting, and fantastic music – new singles, new albums, new videos, new digital downloads, and more. “New And Local” is our new monthly column to acknowledge and celebrate all the wonderful music released in the past month. April 2012 brought us new albums by Charming Ruins, Levon, Meteor Empire, and Rikers, and new tracks from even more artists.

And hey, are you a local musician? We’ll be doing one of these at the end of every month, so if you have any new releases coming up in May 2012, let us know!! And if we missed something from April, let us know that, too!

The Burning Hell

The Burning Hell have spent most of the month touring, but that hasn’t stopped them from releasing a new song, a cover of “Memories” by Leonard Cohen, available on the newly-released Cohen tribute album The Bard Of Montreal. The song also features Newfie folk singer Katie Baggs, and the album also includes songs by Peterborough favourites Zachary Lucky, Carly Maicher, and The Strumbellas, as well as Old Man Ludecke, Woodpigeon, and more.

Where you can find it: The entire album is available for free download from Herohill.

Charming Ruins

Charming Ruins, self-described as “crazy blues that will keep you guessing” released a new four-song EP in April, on 7” vinyl and on the internet. The track “Server Girl” off the album is available online to stream free.

Where you can find it: The album is available for purchase on vinyl at Peterborough downtown record store Bluestreak, and for digital purchase on Bandcamp, where you can also listen to “Server Girl.”

CL McEachern

The always-busy CL McEachern seemingly never stops releasing songs. Recently, there’s been “The Concept” and “Love Thing,” and there’s plenty more available online for your listening pleasure.

Where you can find it: “The Concept,” and a bunch of other songs, are available on ReverbNation. And Soundcloud has “Love Thing,” and even more songs.

The Express and Co.

The Express and Co’s self-titled debut EP has been out for a while (and we reviewed it a while ago), but this past month, the band released one of the album’s best songs, “Gold In Your Pockets,” for free streaming online.

Where you can find it: The song is available, alongside previously available track “Out By The Trees,” on the band’s CBC Music profile.

Grainne Ryan

Singer-songwriter Grainne Ryan released four songs for free online this month: “Love In The Mist,” “Elanor Plunket,” “Cantiga,” and a version of Pachelbel’s “Canon.”

Where you can find it: All songs are available via Soundcloud.


This past month, Peterborough rockers Levon released a new self-titled album, and held a CD release party on 4/20, because that’s obviously an awesome idea. So far, three tracks off the album have been released for free online: “Side Of The Road,” “Belong To You,” and “Transportation Blues.”

Where you can find it: The new album is available on iTunes. The free songs are available on the band’s website.

Meteor Empire

Meteor Empire didn’t just release their debut album this month, The Life And Times Of Dixie Diamond and hold an album release party at The Spill; they also won the Rising Star Award at the Wire Awards. Good on them.

Where you can find it: The album is mostly available at Meteor Empire shows, but you can hear some tracks off of it on the band’s Myspace page.

Michael Duguay

We’re still waiting on the release of Michael Duguay’s album, Heavy On The Glory, which was mostly recorded about two years ago. This month, though, brought hope the album will at some point see the light of day, in the form of a single, “When You Were Born,” released online for free.

Where you can find it: The song is available to stream online on both Duguay’s Soundcloud page and his CBC Music profile.

Nick Ferrio and His Feelings

OK, technically Nick Ferrio’s most recent track, “Night Garden,” was released at the end of March, and not in April, but it’s a free download and a fantastic song and I don’t have anywhere else to tell people that. So go listen to it.

Where you can find it: The song is available for free donwload via Bandcamp.


Rikers have had a fantastic and incredibly busy month, with the release of their debut album, Islands, a new single, “I’m On The Radio,” and the premiere of the single’s slick and stylish video on MuchMusic during their coveted six minutes a day when they still play music videos. They also had a CD release party at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto, which is pretty sweet.

Where you can find it: The album is available for purchase in stores or on iTunes. The video for “I’m On The Radio” is available on MuchMusic’s website, and right here:



Country-tinged rockers Tarantüela are also working on a new album, Good Luck-Black Cat-Bad Luck, but that isn’t coming out until May 18th. They have released several songs from the album as a preview. The ragtime-inspired title track, “Good Luck-Black Cat-Bad Luck,” is a particular highlight (at least I think it is).

Where you can find it: All four tracks are available for free streaming or paid download on the band’s official website.


HEY ARTISTS!! Did we miss something you released this month? Drop us a line and let us know. And keep us in the loop about any new releases in May for next month’s “New And Local” or for a review. Give us a shout via email, on our Facebook page, or by tweeting at us @ElectricCityON.

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